EP82: G5 Acquired by RealPage

On July 20th, RealPage, Inc, a leader in providing software and data analytics tools to the real estate industry, announced that they have entered into an agreement to acquire G5 Search Marketing. G5 is a SaaS company that provides AI and other new technologies to marketers to help them amplify their impact. In today’s episode, Reid and David are here to talk about the potential outcomes of this acquisition and how it may affect the real estate industry.

Reid starts the conversation by sharing the thoughts he had when he first got the news about this acquisition. He shares that it came as a bit of a shock and a surprise because of some of RealPage’s previous acquisitions and the area of business they’ve been focusing on. RealPage has a long list of businesses they have acquired since they went public in 2010. David talks about the history of RealPage’s acquisitions, the nature of businesses they’ve acquired, and how these acquisitions may have contributed to their growth.

Another area we touch on is the commonalities among RealPage’s acquisitions. Reid shares his thoughts on the ‘common denominator’ of RealPage’s acquisitions and what RealPage may be hoping to do with these acquired businesses in terms of growth. David talks about what this recent acquisition may look like in a best-case scenario. Toward the end of the episode, we talk about how these acquisitions may affect the consumer, industry, and some opportunities for investors to make use of emerging technologies for growth. Wrapping up the episode, David and Reid share their thoughts on what they’d do in case they received an acquisitions offer for Digible.

[00:48] First Impressions – Reid starts the conversation with what his thoughts were when he first heard the announcement that G5 is being acquired.

[03:34] RealPage’s Acquisitions – RealPage, the company that is acquiring G5, is not a newbie to acquisitions. David talks about their previous acquisitions and how they contributed to RealPage’s growth.

[08:48] Value of Websites – Reid shares his thoughts on the value of websites and online platforms operated by the companies that are being acquired by RealPage.

[14:04] The Common Denominator – Reid shares his thoughts on what all the businesses acquired by RealPage have in common and where RealPage may be headed with all these acquisitions.

[16:06] The Bull Case – We talk about what it may look like if this acquisition ends up in a best-case scenario and some of the issues RealPage may have in terms of integrating with these newly acquired businesses.

[21:44] Effect of Acquisitions – How acquisitions affect the buyer business, consumers, and the industry.

[28:00] Opportunities for Investors – Reid shares his thoughts on some of the things that might get investors excited, such as opportunities to grow businesses through automation.

[33:57] Acquisition Offers – David & Reid shares their thought on how they’ll react if they received an offer of acquisition.

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