EP76: Adam’s Apple Ads Conspiracy Theory

Apple’s new iOS 14 update has been creating new all over the tech community, and its new privacy-related features created widespread debate as Facebook informed its users about the possible loss of features for advertisers. Adam Walters, Director of Paid Media at Digible, has a theory about the real reason why Apple’s rolling out these new updates that heavily affect the advertisers. In this episode, we dive deep into the untold story of iOS 14.

Adam dives into the conversation with a review of what Apple brings to customers in its iOS 14 update and how the new privacy-related features give consumers more choice to control what personal info they share with potential advertisers and 3rd party apps that monetize user data. He further talks about how Apple uses ads on their own platforms on a small scale and how they might expand their ad system in the future.

Companies that manufacture hardware devices have some authority over their users, and Apple is a good example of this. Adam talks about why there’s a powerplay associated with hardware. Diving into Apple’s intentions, Adam talks about some of Apple’s business practices and strategies outside the Unites States that don’t fit into the way they advocate privacy in the United States. David adds his perspective on what these strategies mean for the average consumer and advertisers.

Towards the end of the episode, we talk in-depth about awareness related to privacy. Reid shares his thoughts on the level of education the average consumer has on how their data is shared with advertisers and their options to control what data they share with apps that share user data with advertisers. Wrapping up the episode, we talk about how tech companies could improve the level of choice they can give consumers to have more control over their data and how the power struggles between tech giants may evolve in the near future.

[04:00] The New Update – What advertisers should know about the new features of the iOS 14 update and how it affects other paid media platforms.

[07:21] Apple Ads – How Apple currently uses advertisements, where they’re displayed, and the potential for Apple to expand their ads.

[08:42] Hardware and Powerplay – How the power dynamics of what tech companies can control depends on the hardware made by them.

[10:19] Contradictions – While Apple seems to advocate for privacy, their business strategies outside the United States, especially in China, seem to contradict their philosophy. David talks about the effect of this on consumers and advertisers.

[15:04] Competition – Adam shares his thoughts on the possibility of Apple launching new services to compete with existing tech giants.

[21:25] Privacy & Awareness – Reid shares his take on how educated the average citizen about their privacy and how apps use the information gathered from users.

[26:27] Improving Options – What Apple and other tech companies to give their consumers more choices with regard to what they share with apps.

[36:26] Shifting Power – Companies such as Apple and Google have a lot of power in their respective markets. When one of these companies try to a space that’s almost monopolized by another, it brings up anti-trust issues and other legal concerns. We talk about how these factors might come into play in the future.

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