Digible Snack: 2019 vs. 2020 Search Trends & Can They Tell Us Anything About 2021?

The paid media world and search engines are constantly evolving. The trends and patterns that existed in 2019 are quite different from the year 2020. At Digible, we utilize data-driven tactics to analyze how the performance of marketing strategies is going to be affected by numerous conditions in the markets. In today’s snack episode, we talk about how the search trends in 2019 and 2020 compare against each other and what they can tell us about the next year.

Joining us today are Adam Walters, Director of Paid Media, and Megan Haase, Digital Strategy Lead at Digible, along with our host, David Staley, President & Co-Founder of Digible Inc. We start the discussion with Megan’s brief review of the methodology of data collection and analysis. She talks about the key observations they saw in the analysis. Furthermore, we talk about how the behaviors of key performance metrics differed between the two years, possible reasons for these changes, and how the pandemic-related factors affected the performance. Wrapping up the episode, we talk about some of the area-specific changes we may see and what the search trends can tell us about the near future.

[01:00] The Methodology – Megan starts the conversation with a brief review of how the data was gathered for the analysis.

[04:02] Findings – A comparison of major observations from the data with regard to the events of the two years.

[05:31] Performance – How the performance of key metrics compare in the two years and possible reasons for these behaviors.

[07:23] Impact of COVID – Adam shares his thoughts on how the pandemic has affected search trends and what we can expect in the near future.

[12:58] Market Specific Changes – Megan shares her thoughts on some of the changes we may see based on the conditions of specific areas within the United States.

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