EP65: Chat Bots – Robert Turnbull of BetterBot

Hello and welcome to the Digible Dudes podcast. In today’s episode, David and Reid have Robert Turnbull, Founder, President & COO of BetterBot, as the guest speaker. Robert is the founder of BetterBot. Throughout the episode, Robert shares many valuable thoughts about the Property Management Chatbot, Multifamily Chatbot of Choice, and Benefits of BetterBot’s Multifamily Chatbot.

BetterBot’s omnichannel chatbot delivers 24/7 availability on all marketing channels, including website, email, SMS, social, and Advertising channels. Diving into the conversation, Robert explains how to turn prospects into renters with BetterBot’s Omnichannel Chatbot. Robert shares that this apartment chatbot software is able to hand off conversations to leasing agents in a way that make sense to them. He also weighs in on the user experience of the Real Estate Chatbot. He also shares that partnering with best-of-breed companies in multifamily adds remarkable value to our customers. He says that BetterBot is the core technology powering bots for some of the most innovative companies in the space.

In the next section, he shares his ideas about Multifamily Chatbot of Choice. He declares that 97% of all properties that utilize BetterBot keep using BetterBot. They currently work with over 100 property management companies, allowing their agents to handle higher-level tasks not suited for bots. Robert also says that with Conversational Leasing, everyone wins!

In the next part of this episode, Reid, Robert, and David share their thoughts about High-Value Conversations that are far more valuable than leads, which is the philosophy of BetterBot. Further down in the episode, Robert shares that all top 5 property management companies use BetterBot to turn conversations into signed leases. Next, Robert shares his thoughts about BetterBot being not another CRM company, a lead generation widget, or a marketing agency. He says that they are a team of dedicated builders, designers, and support enthusiasts focused 100% on building the best conversational leasing bot in the real estate rental market. Robert finally shares that better bots can only come from a better team who are passionate about the industry and love helping property managers turn more prospects into renters.

[13.09] BetterBot’s Omnichannel Chatbot – Robert shares the story of how the company started and what they’ve accomplished so far.

[20.23] Robert Turnbull’s story – He shares his journey at BetterBot and what he has learned through his experience.

[23.08] Customer Success – Robert talks about how his team looks at customer success and what they do to understand the customers’ problems and fix them.

[24.52] The Multifamily Chatbot of Choice – What BetterBot offers and how they stand apart from the rest of the market.

[28.07 Benefits of BetterBot’s Multifamily Chatbot – Robert talks about how BetterBot started, its past, present, and what are the benefits of BetterBot’s Multifamily Chatbot.

[33. 35] Best Features – Robert explains the best features of BetterBot along with its core technology.

[40.37] Finding Success – Robert shares his wisdom on creating strategies that stand out in the market and the way they differ from other existing companies.

[44.20] Lead Attribution – How to improve the quality of leads by utilizing the latest tools.

[27.01] User Experience – Robert talks about high-value conversations that are far more valuable than leads.

[01.03.30] Major Talking Points with Customers – He says that they are a team of dedicated builders, designers, and support enthusiasts focused 100% on building the best conversational leasing bot in the real estate rental market.

[01.06.59] Customer Loyalty – Tips & tricks Hannah uses at their firm to maintain customer loyalty.

[01.19.39] Matchmaking – Robert shares why better bots can only come from a better team.

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