EP64 – Things We Love – Escape Rooms, Coffee, Trapeze, & Goats!

Today we have a very special episode on the Digible Dudes. So far, we’ve always been talking about all things related to marketing and business, but today we’re doing something a little bit different. Today we’re talking about things we love. And as opposed to having one guest, we have five guests joining us on the podcast to talk about things they love. Our guests today are Grace Harrison, Greta Wolking, Steve, Kayde Pierce, and Noah Leach. They’re all members of the Digible team, and throughout the episode, they talk about stuff they love and some awesome stories around.

Our first guest is Grace Harrison, an account coordinator at Digible. One of the things Grace absolutely loves is the goats owned by Grace’s family. She talks about how they came to own them, stories about how they named them, stuff about what’s involved in taking care of them, perks of having them, and more.

Greta Wolking, a paid media strategist at Digible, is our next guest. Greta has a number of things she’s passionate about, one of them being circus arts. In today’s episode, Greta shares her story of learning circus arts. Trapeze is one of the things Greta has mastered. Greta shares several fascinating stories about the art of performing trapeze.

Next up is Steve Osbourne, an SEO strategist at Digible. One of the interesting things about Steve is that he owns an escape room. An escape room is a game where players have to team up, find clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish numerous tasks to escape from the room. Steve owns an escape room as a business, and today Steve talks about what it is like to run such a business and recent developments around the industry.

Kayde Pierce, an account manager at Digible, joins our conversation to talk about one of the things she’s a big fan of; Harry Potter. Kayde talks about falling in love with the world of witchcraft and wizardry, how she came to enjoy the books and movies alike, what makes Harry Potter unique among other creations in the fantasy genre. Our final guest is Noah Leach, a paid media strategist at Digible. Noah is an enthusiast of coffee. Noah talks about the process of roasting coffee, why he enjoys doing it and the benefits of roasting your own coffee.

[06:38] Grace’s Love for Goats – It turns out Grace’s family has goats. Grace shared how they came to own goats and what’s great about having them.

[11:58] Goat Names – Grace shares the awesome story of how they named their goats.

[18:23] ROI of Goats – Although we said we’re off-topic today, David somehow found a way to get Grace to talk about the ROI of having goats.

[26:28] Circus Arts with Greta – Greta shares how she fell in love with circus arts and how she learned the art.

[30:25] Trapeze – Greta shares what it takes to practice and perform trapeze and why she enjoys doing it.

[37:39] Profession of Trapeze Arts – How the professional trapeze artists do their work and the struggles the circus industry has been facing lately.

[44:57] Escape Rooms – Steve Osbourne talks about what escape rooms are and how the escape room industry popped out of nowhere a few years back and became popular in a very short time.

[50:08] New Innovations – Steve talks about what’s involved in designing and building an escape room and trends and innovations that happen around escape rooms.

[1:01:49] Witchcraft & Wizardry with Kayde – Kayde shares her love for the Harry Potter universe and what Kayde loves about them.

[1:15:44] Coffee with Noah – Noah shares how he fell in love with coffee.

[1:20:32] Roasting Coffee – The process of roasting coffee, different types of coffee, and how coffee from different countries have a wide range of flavors.

[1:33:23] ROI of Coffee – Noah talks about what he gets from investing time in getting shipped his own coffee beans and roasting at home.

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