EP58 – The Locator POV

Welcome back to the Digible Dudes podcast. In today’s episode, David and Reid have a conversation with Jason Dalka, founder of Square One Real Estate. Throughout the episode, Jason shares his wisdom on apartment locators.

Opening the conversation, David and Reid talk about the biggest takeaways from their guest Jason as a founder of a real estate firm and a locator. Jason gets into the conversation sharing his thoughts about the past, present, and the future of locators. He talks about how there was a competitive situation among locators and how the business model has evolved due to the new technologies introduced in recent years.

Then Jason shares his thoughts on the problems solved by the locators and how the major solutions of the locators are saving time for the clients. In the next part, Jason shares his thoughts on the broker arrangements on properties in Chicago and how the open listing market works.

Jason shares his thoughts about the relationship with the clients, how they nurture the customer to show the value proposition. Talking about the relationship with the properties, which are like clients to them, Jason reviews how the properties and brokerage or the agent interact with each other like cogs in a machine.

In the next section, Jason talks about the transitions of clients. He shares his thoughts on how the transitions happen and the structure of making a transition without damaging the income. Moving on, Jason shares his thoughts about the reasons for having and not having locators in a market and how the density of locators affect the market.

Further down in the episode, Jason talks about the biggest challenge as a locator: lead generation. He talks about how the recent developments in the industry have influenced the lead generation process and how to adapt to new situations. Then Jason shares his take on the transparency of marketing and lead generation and how the lead generation process could be improved to be more transparent. Wrapping up the conversation, Jason shares his predictions for the future of the apartment industry for the next five to ten years.

[03:26]- The transparency of marketing and leading generation- The reasons for not having transparency in marketing and lead generations.

[05:24] Biggest takeaways – David and Reid talk about the takeaways and valuable ideas you may hear throughout the episode.

[19:08] Past, Present, and the Future of Locators – How the business model of locators looked like before Jason comes to the industry, the present background of the locators, and how the future will be.

[22:27] Solving Problems – The major problems customers have and how the locators are solving those problems.

[27:16]- Broker Arrangements for Properties – How Jason arranges the brokers for his properties.

[30:50] Value Proposition – What the value proposition is and the importance of building a proper relationship with clients.

[33:23] Acquiring Customers – Trying to acquire customers by getting people higher in the funnel, how to nurture them for a longer value proposition.

[43:13] Relationship with the Properties – What the relationship locators have with the properties and how to keep the relationships healthy.

[45:52] Crossovers – How the transitions happen and what you can do to make transitions smooth.

[52:02] Market & Locators- The reasons for having and not having locators in a market.

[55:46] The Biggest Challenge as a Locator – The biggest challenge for locators and how to overcome those challenges.

[01:22:06] Predictions for the Future – What Jason predicts for the next five to ten years in the apartment industry.

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