EP143: Switching Gears from ILS to Direct Marketing with Careena Daly & Nicole Staley

Welcome back to episode #143 of Digible Dudes with David Staley, Careena Daly and Nicole Staley!

Ever feel you’re shackled to a strategy that’s just not working? Tired of depending on ILS? In our latest episode, Careena and Nicole share their journey in breaking free from the limitations of ILS.

We’ll take a deep look into the complexities of budgeting that guided their bold transition from ILS to direct marketing. All while tackling the resistance from ILS loyalists and their methods of addressing their concerns.

The second part of our discussion explores the art and science of persuasion. How do you convince seasoned business owners and marketing teams to abandon their dependence on ILSs?

They highlight the role of seasonality in decision making, the steep learning curve for implementing new strategies, and the significance of flexibility in marketing budgets.

Prepare to step into the shoes of Careena and Nicole as they recount their experiences with contract negotiations. They provide a firsthand account of the struggle to negotiate ILS contracts and emphasize the benefits of flexibility in website contracts.

By checking out this podcast, you’ll be ready to face change head-on, armed with tips, tactics, and insights that you can apply to your own business ventures.

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(00:00) Preview

(00:52) ILS Independence overview

(03:05) How to walk people through ILS Independence

(06:00) Alternative strategies to ILS

(10:00) Biggest challenges when overcoming ILS

(12:45) Biggest battle when educating business owners

(18:00) Flexibility in pricing and leasing

(22:40) Building relationships with clients and reps

(25:30) Advice to your younger self with ILS

(31:40) Advice to change your ILS budget

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