EP142: Exploring Multifamily Market Trends & Renter Demands with Chris Hood

Welcome to episode #142 of The Digible Dudes podcast, hosted by David Staley and Reid Wicoff. In this episode, we have the pleasure of welcoming Chris Hood, the industry marketing team leader at Apartments.com. Prepare to gain insights into renter demand and behavior, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the current state of the multifamily market.

Chris Hood delves into the findings of a survey conducted with 37,000 renters. Through this survey, we uncover valuable insights into renter sentiment, behavior, and their plans for the next six months. Brace yourself for a thorough analysis into the implications of the 7% drop in renter demand and how this affects properties. Discover how this wealth of data can empower sales teams and inform strategic product development.

Together, we explore the exciting opportunities that digital strategies bring to the multifamily industry. With Chris as our guide, we speculate on potential shifts in product development and discuss the impact of AI chatbots on the market.

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(00:00) Preview

(00:55) Chris Hood's survey and analysis

(02:48) Co-Star and economic data

(05:43) The importance of speed & control

(08:30) The user behaviour changes on portals

(10:09) The trend in multifamily product development

(12:43) Can we trust AI chatbots in multifamily?

(14:34) The combination of automation & personalisation

(17:50) Which segment did the survey focus on?

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