EP134: Going Global: Online Marketplaces with Edmund Keith

This week’s episode of the Digible Dudes Podcast features Edmund Keith, Head of Content at OnlineMarketplaces.com. His team writes in depth about global real estate marketplaces. He joined us today to talk about the North American real estate market, a performance-based model, estate portals and their algorithms, apartment locators, and more.

Every market is different. Starting the conversation, Ed explains how every market is different from the others. He further discusses how the North American real estate market is different from others, like the European market. Real estate portals are places where you can find anything related to real estate, like sales, rentals, etc. According to Ed, there are about 900 active real estate marketplaces. He further shares details about their past, present, and future. We then move to real estate portals and their algorithms. According to Ed’s study about them, 75% of portals prioritize premium content in their algorithms.

Artificial intelligence is making more moves toward the real estate industry at present, and according to Ed, AI is going to take away 50% of what agents do. We end today’s conversation by sharing some contrarian thoughts we have on the real estate industry.

[09.37] Ed’s background – Starting the conversation, Ed shares a brief bio about himself and how they make money at onlinemarketplace.com.

[11.05] North American real estate market – We go through some of the differences between the North American real estate market and the rest of the world.

[19.39] Real estate portals – Ed dives into what real estate portals look like and their past, present, and future.

[29.54] Performance-based model – Ed shares why the performance-based model is ideal for real estate portals and why it’s going to take a while to happen.

[37.42] Portals and algorithms – Ed shares details he found in his research based on real estate portals and their algorithms.

[43.43] Credit Karma – An American multinational personal finance company.

[50.01] Apartment locators – Ed shares why real estate portals need to start working on apartment locators.

[57.35] Contrarian thoughts – Ed shares his contrarian thoughts on the real estate industry.

[01.06.42] Migrating on the globe – Ed explains why it is difficult to build big housing units in Weston Europe.



Connect with Keith

LinkedIn – linkedin.com/in/edmund-keith/

Website – onlinemarketplaces.com/author/edmund_keith/



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