The Digible Dudes EP125: Your Holiday Marketing Strategy

Apartment Marketing During the Holidays

The holiday season is almost here. We are back with our last episode before the holiday season this year. In this week’s episode, we are joined by Allysa Whitebird, Senior Account Manager, and Eliot Meade; Senior Paid Media Strategist at Digible, to talk about the 2022 holiday season. Throughout the conversation, we dive into changes with paid media initiatives, follow-ups, channels, geo-fencing, google business profiles, organic social, and more.

Marketing Strategy for Advertising Campaigns

Starting the conversation, we dive into how paid media changes in the last two months of the year. Eliot shares how they are changing their paid media strategies in the holiday season to maximize their spending during the competitive holiday season.

Creating a virtual geographic boundary using GPS or RFID technology triggers the software when a mobile device enters or exits a specific area, called geo-fencing. The most common use of geo-fencing is for location-based marketing and other location experiences. We dive into how Digible will try geo-fencing for the first time as a test in the coming holiday season.

Wrapping up the conversation, Eliot, Allysa, and David talk about their favorite toys when they were little.

[01.34] Changes with Paid Media – Starting the conversation, Eliot dives into the changes their paid media is going into for the holiday season.

[07.51] Follow-ups – Eliot dives into the importance of follow-ups like email campaigns to get in touch with customers.

[10.08] Channels – Allysa shares how their strategies change with social media and channels like TikTok and Spotify.

[13.24] Geo-fencing – We dive into geo-fencing and how Digible will try geofencing during the holidays.

[18.34] Fence types – Eliot shares her attitude on the importance of being creative when geo-fencing.

[22.38] Creativity – Eliot dives into how people can be creative in marketing.

[26.11] Google business profile – We dive into the importance of updating the google business profile and better user experience.

[29.45] Organic social – Eliot dives into the importance of shifting strategy to post more current updates about residents in organic social.

[32.34] Staying in the middle – It’s essential to be aware of religious and festive events during the holiday season.

[35.49] Hot toy – Allysa, Eliot, and David share what kind of hot toys they had when they were little.

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