The Digible Dudes EP124: Off the Engrain

Talking Map Visualization Technology and Property Touring Software with Michaela Derenne from Engrain

Welcome back to the Digible Dudes podcast. We have another interesting episode this week, and our guest today is Michaela Derenne, Partner Success Manager at Engrain, a computer software in property touring and map visualization technology. We discuss how to support new tech partners to use their technology. Throughout the episode, we explore Michaela’s background, what Engrain is, supporting businesses, various business models, what’s outside of apartment living, ESG innovations, and more.
Starting the conversation, Michaela dives into her background where she started her career as a marketing manager for her dad, how she got into the real estate industry after school, how she joined Engrain as a partner success manager, and also what services Engrain provides its customers.
An ‘economic moat’ is the capability of a company to keep a competitive edge over its rivals to safeguard its long-term earnings. Michaela dives into what kind of defense mechanisms they hope to use against long-term business competitions for Engrain.
In the next phase of the conversation, Michaela shares what she likes about Engrain saying that it’s their mission to help businesses, to provide a better experience for their partners, and using client experiences to provide more value to them and be good at what they do. Wrapping up the conversation, Michaela dives into the industry’s heartaches from her point of view.
[08.02] Background – Michaela dives into her background, her position at Engrain, and the services Engrain provides its customers.
[12.59] Engrain – Michaela shares Engrains’ story, which was started as a marketing agency.
[18.17] Success – With 4.3 million units mapped with partnership programs and building out the ecosystem, Engrain is growing busy day by day. Michaela dives into what they are expecting for Engrain in the future and how they want to build a technology that is easy for customers to use.
[23.03] Scalability – Michaela shares how long it normally takes to deliver the unit map and sitemap to the partners.
[30.11] Moat for Engrain – Michaela talks about the defensive features they hope to use in terms of business competitors in the field.
[36.45] Helping businesses – According to Michaela, Engrain wants to add value to the multifamily industry at large and help their clients to have a better self-guided tour experience.
[43.37] Business model – Michaela dives into how they are operating their business model and revenue in Engrain.
[55.31] Descriptions – Michaela dives into providing data on their unit map platform.
[57.00] Outside of apartment living – Michaela shares what kind of map platforms they are going to start on other than apartment living.
[01.00.18] Heartache – Watching the industry shift away from floorplan search and changes with centralized leasing are the heartaches, according to Michaela.
[01.06.22] ESG Innovations – ESG investing focuses on investing that favors the best environmental, social, and governance outcomes or aspects.


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