EP113: Reading Between the 30 Lines with Mike Whaling

As technology gets more advanced, it’s crucial to stay up to date with the industry, trends, challenges, and the new opportunities that pop up along with them. This week on the Digible Dudes, we have a conversation with another leader of innovation in the marketing technology space; Mike Whaling, the president and founder of 30 Lines.

30 Lines focuses on the premise that most internet search users don’t have much patience and they give up after roughly 30 headlines. 30 Lines helps their clients to optimize their marketing strategies, allowing them to show up within the first 30 headlines to increase their chances of being discovered by potential leads. Throughout the episode, we dive into the value proposition of 30 Lines, tactics for better marketing, things to watch out for, the future of marketing, and more.

[15:11] 30 Lines – Mark shares with us what his company, 30 Lines offers to the multi-family real estate sector.

[20:10] Human Resources – Mike shares with us some of the guidelines they follow at 30 lines to ensure they have the right people in the team to create the best value possible for their customers.

[23:22] Evolution – How 30 Lines got started 15 years ago and how it evolved into the successful venture it is today and what success would look like for Mike in the next decade.

[33:05] Brand – Mike shares his thoughts on brand loyalty in the real estate space and how to become less reliant on ILS platforms.

[39:53] New Trends – Some of the new trends and behaviors Mike has been observing from his clients could change the way businesses operate.

[45:06] Future of Marketing – Mike shares his take on the marketing channels that would continue to thrive in the next couple of decades.

[52:15] Getting Interconnected – We asked Mike why he’s very positive about centralization and building interconnected services over the next few decades.

[57:27] Risks – Mike talks about some of the things he sees as existential risks that could impact the real estate marketing space.

[1:02:45] Lead Generation – Tactics for better lead generation and better results in paid media marketing.

[1:08:24] Multi-touch Attribution – Mike talks about their multi-touch attribution. Resources:


30 Lines


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