EP108: Digible’s 20 Mile March to Single-Family Rentals

As a digital marketing and technology company that’s adapting to the ever-changing market conditions, Digible is always on the lookout for opportunities for growth. One of the avenues we’re considering is the market segment of single-family rentals. In today’s episode of the Digible Dudes, Reid Wicoff and David Staley share their takes on Digible’s approach to single-family rentals. Throughout the episode, we cover several aspects of this process, including the recent trends in the market, what it takes to diversify into a new market segment, business goals, maintaining the momentum, and more.

[06:50] Focus – David and Reid share their thoughts on how going into some of the subcategories, including single-family rentals, will shape the focus of the company.

[11:04] Commitment – Reid talks about the commitments Digible can make in terms of risk, capital, and effort.

[21:05] SMaC Recipe – How a specific, methodical, and consistent recipe for business can help a company grow sustainably.

[24:33] The Flywheel – Considerations when determining whether single-family rentals will help increase momentum for the business.

[29:10] Diversification and Goals – How the level of diversification a company may want to do related to the business goals.

[35:19] Marketing – How the marketing and advertising aspect for single-family is going to be different from multi-family, student housing, and other market segments.

[45:00] Fighting the Boredom – David and Reid talk about the concept of fighting boredom and how it helps individuals and businesses maintain consistency in their work.

[51:12] Surviving the Century – David and Reid share their takes on which of the tech giants we have today might survive until the year 2100.


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