EP107: The Secret Sauce to Special Event Campaigns

Special events and ad campaigns can open up numerous opportunities for multifamily marketers and apartment communities. In this episode of the Digible Dudes podcast, Kayde Pierce, an Account Manager at Digible, joins us to share her wisdom about special event campaigns. Throughout the episode, Kayde shares her expertise on the different types of special event campaigns, the benefits of partnering with other businesses, planning for budgets, and the strategy involved.

[00:42] Background – Kayde kicks off the conversation with a review of the work she did around special event campaigns and their performance.

[04:32] Geofencing and Boosted Posts – How geofencing strategies and boosted posts on Facebook performed in special event campaigns.

[10:53] The Value of Events – The opportunities that emerge from events that marketers and property management companies could benefit from.

[16:32] Partnerships – Reid and Kayde reflect on a conversation they had earlier about partnering with other businesses for special events.

[23:10] Events That Worked – Kayde shares her thoughts on types of events that seem to work well and the types of events that don’t.

[28:31] Budgeting – How to create budgets for online promotions on various platforms.

[30:31] Organic Social – Kayde shares her thoughts on how to build organic social reach and engagement for events.

[37:22] Hot Takes – Kayde shares some of the uncommon and fascinating things she has seen in her work.

What to learn more about special event campaign strategies? Check out our blog.

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