EP106: Forging Ahead: Digible’s March to Becoming a Product Company

Welcome back to the Digible Dudes podcast. This week, we have a conversation about one of the most important aspects of the future of Digible. As you know, we recently celebrated our 5 Year Anniversary. With that huge milestone, we’re at a transitional phase of the organization. In this episode, David Staley and Reid Wicoff share their thoughts on Digible’s approach to becoming a product company.

For the past five years, Digible has been operating as a predominantly services-based company. We start the conversation with what product companies are, how they differ from service-based companies, and what it means for Digible to become a product company. We also dive into the changes that may become apparent while Digible is on its path to becoming a product company.

A key piece of the strategy to becoming a product company is productizing services. David and Reid share their thoughts on how Digible might approach this in the future. Another area we touch on today is platforms and suites. We dive into how these two marketing tech structures work and the possibility of Digible transitioning into becoming one of these. Wrapping up the episode, we talk about how Digible keeps the commitment and passion toward its vision alive and how Digible may transition into a product company.

[06:44] Defining Product– How Digible will define what it means to become a product company.

[12:23] Changes – What changes we can expect while Digible is moving toward becoming a product company.

[16:45] Productizing Services – David shares his thoughts on Digible’s approach to productizing its services.

[24:00] Going to Market – How Digible might approach going to the market as a product platform.

[32:32] Focus – What a company should consider when choosing their focus in a way they don’t end up choosing too big or too small of a niche.

[40:18] Passion and Commitment – How to maintain the passion and commitment to long-term goals and vision as an organization.

[44:41] Transition – David and Reid share their thoughts on how Digible will transition towards becoming a product company in the coming years.

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