EP103: Fair Housing FAQs with Doug ‘The Fair Housing Guy’

The concept of Fair Housing is what brings consumers the right to choose housing free from unlawful discrimination. And marketers in the multifamily housing space must be in accordance with Fair Housing laws when planning their marketing strategies and on-site. We don’t have to tell you that when it comes to Fair Housing violations, ignorance is not bliss. We dedicated this episode of the Digible Dudes podcast to uncovering some answers to frequently asked questions about Fair Housing regulations. Joining us today is Doug Chasick, aka That Fair Housing Guy™, Digible’s resident Fair Housing consultant.

Doug started his career in the retail industry, and he gradually shifted his career path to Fair Housing. We start the conversation with his background and how Fair Housing regulations have evolved over the years. One of the first things we touch on is the current progress of Fair Housing practices. We dive deep into why Doug sees a lot more room for improvement in terms of implementing Fair Housing practices.

Commenting on how businesses work on maintaining compliance, Doug shares an observation about some companies that are implementing Fair Housing practices just for the sake of being compliant. We dive deep into how to ensure a better dedication to Fair Housing among businesses. Moving onto the marketing aspect of real estate, we discuss best practices for using ad copy, graphics, and models in a way that’s compliant with Fair Housing regulations. Wrapping up the episode, Doug shares some of the tips and tricks for maintaining compliance in the future.

[07:56] Doug’s Background – How Doug started his career and moved into the apartment industry and his Fair Housing work.

[14:00] Speed of Progress – Doug shares his take on the pace of the progress of the laws that were put in place to improve Fair Housing availability for everyone.

[19:40] Fair-housing Cases – We asked Doug how the number of cases related to fair housing has behaved over the years and what it means in terms of progress.

[31:10] Improving Compliance – Doug shares his thoughts on what could be done to make sure that companies are truly dedicated to working towards improving Fair Housing compliance.

[35:10] Active Adult Living – Doug shares his take on the usage of the term ‘active.’

[43:29] Creative Assets – We asked Doug about some best practices for writing ad copy and creating other creative assets.

[48:43] Graphics – How to use photographs, drawings, and models in advertising while complying with Fair Housing regulations.

[54:55] Disparate Impact – Doug shares his thoughts on what could be done to ensure that the regulations that are put in place will not create an adverse impact on the progress of Fair Housing practices.

[1:01:20] Student Housing – Fair Housing-related issues that students have to face when in the market and some of the things that could be done to address these issues.

[1:06:18] Tips & Tricks – Doug shares his wisdom on how to prepare for the future of Fair Housing.


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LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/dougchasick/

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