EP102: Dialing It Up with Cadence Marketing Solutions

Welcome back to the Digible Dudes Podcast. In this episode, we chat with the one and only, Janet Rosseth. Janet is the Founder & CMO of Cadence Marketing Solutions, a firm based in Minneapolis that focuses on pacing strategies to help multifamily owners, operators, and developers achieve continued marketing growth. Throughout the interview, we dive into several areas of real estate marketing, including what it takes to build a marketing firm, new developments in prop-tech, staffing, and more.

Janet’s career packs decades worth of experience in real estate marketing. We start today’s conversation with Janet’s journey and the process of developing her firm, Cadence Marketing Solutions. We dive deep into some of the lessons Janet learned from building her firm and her future vision for her company.

Hiring the right people and making the right decisions on what to outsource versus what to keep in-house are some of the most crucial parts of a new company. We asked Janet about what her preferences would be for a new firm in terms of hiring and outsourcing. Moving on to prop-tech, Janet shares her thoughts on the longevity of prop-tech initiatives, integrations between different platforms, and her perspective on the most overvalued and undervalued prop-tech platforms.

Another key point we touch on is on-site staffing in the real estate space. Janet dives into some of the things the industry should change about staffing, utilization of AI lease agents, and what people typically expect from staff. Wrapping up the episode, Janet talks about how the utilization of data science could benefit the industry.

[04:26] Janet’s Story – We start the conversation with a brief look at Janet’s career in marketing and the path that led her to start Cadence Marketing Solutions.

[12:16] Growth – We dive into what it was like to start Cadence Marketing Solutions and grow it into the successful venture it is today and the future vision of the firm.

[20:29] Mentorship – Janet shares with us how her firm offers mentorship-based initiatives to folks who want to get up to speed on the industry & marketing.

[24:41] Building a Team – Janet talks about the process of building a firm from one person to a team of 18 people.

[29:01] Outsourcing & Hiring – Janet shares her thoughts on what would be the ideal first hires for a new management company and some of the things to outsource in the beginning.

[37:56] Longevity of Prop-tech – Janet shares her take on the typical lifespan of the newcomers that pop up in the pro-tech space.

[44:51] Integrations – We talk about the possibility of integrating different platforms together to determine the utilization and the effectiveness of the money spent on building features.

[49:55] Value of Prop-tech – Janet shares her thoughts on the most undervalued and overvalued players in the prop-tech space.

[52:06] On-site Teams – The importance of on-site teams and Janet’s perspective on how on-site teams should evolve.

[56:21] AI leasing Agents – Janet talks about the value AI leasing agents when it comes to dealing with one-off questions from customers.

[1:00:33] Staffing – Janet dives into what people usually look for in terms of support from staff in properties.

[0:07:02] Data Science – How the marketing space could use data science more in the future.


Connect with Janet

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/janetrosseth

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