E44 – Should you and can you scale content for Apartments?

Welcome back to the Digible Dudes Podcast. Today, we are talking on how to scale content for apartments. We start the episode by discussing why most individuals don’t do content marketing for apartments where Reid suggests the three main reasons as to why they do not.

Next, we talk about the quality vs. quantity of online and offline ad campaigns for apartments. We discuss what’s the better method in order to make renters more aware of apartments available for rent, whether social media pages or websites should be used. We go on to talk on the Content generation and development plans such as blogs and articles that individuals can use to promote their apartments for sale.

We then chat on what’s the best method to use online in order to capture an interested client’s attention, whether it’s an email follow up or using a personalized webpage. Afterward, we discuss how apartment renters and sellers can use their current residents for their marketing campaigns. We talk in-depth about running review campaigns, getting residents to give testimonials, and providing residents with an incentive to promote vacant housing. We chat on how to use the given reviews and testimonials on social media to promote apartments available for rent.

Toad the end of the episode, we discuss the budget surrounding content marketing. We discuss the amount that should be invested in the short term vs. long term in content marketing and whether sellers should run the campaigns themselves or whether they should hire a third party for the task.

[1:54] Apartment Marketing Strategies – Reasons as to why sellers don’t use content marketing

[4:44] Content Marketing – Quality Vs. Quantity

[6:05] Content Marketing – Online Vs. Offline

[8:21] Online Marketing – Methods that can be used to capture the attention of interested clients.

[13:36] What We Did at Digible – Marketing strategies we used at Digible: Our podcast, comic strip, and much more!

[19:53] Advertising campaigns – Getting the help your current residents to promote vacant apartment spaces

[22:44] Advertising Strategies – Providing incentives to current residents to promote apartment spaces

[26:06] Advertising through current residents – Organic Vs. Inorganic referrals

[33:30] Advertising Strategies – Making use of neighborhood podcasts.

[35:53] Content Marketing Budgets – How to prepare budgets for the long term and short term.

[40:50] Marketing Campaigns – Pros and cons of using a third party and doing it on your own.

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