E42 – Ad Fraud with Manny Puentes from Rebel.ai

This week on the Digible Dudes Podcast, we are joined by Manny Puentes, who is the founder and CEO of Rebel Al and has been working in the advertising industry for over 20 years. In today’s episode, we focus on marketing, advertising, and ad fraud. We start with Manny talking about his company, Rebel Al, and what inspired him to start it. He also talks about what the company does and who its target clientele is.

Next, we discuss how marketing and advertising strategies evolved over the past few years. We chat about, back when digital just came in and how businesses started to use this as a platform for marketing. We then go on to talk about how now, digital is integrated into almost everything we do in life. Afterward, we discuss ad fraud, how it came to be in the digital world of marketing. We also talk about what happened when businesses realized fraud was occurring and the development of anti-fraud companies.

We then discuss the roles and relationships between anti-fraud companies, publishers, advertisers, and businesses. Further, we chat on how and when advertising companies should invest money for a good ROI. Finally, we talk about what to expect as a business or a client when working with anti-fraud companies for marketing and advertising. We also discuss who to team up with as a business when trying to avoid marketing fraud. We end this episode by chatting about taxes that have become a heavy burden to bear for businesses when marketing and the financial implications of ad fraud to companies.

[3:47] Manny’s Story – Manny’s career path and what inspired him to start Rebel Al.

[8:08] Advertising and Security – How the advertising industry evolved over the years and how security eventually became a concern.

[13:13] Fraud – What can be considered as Ad fraud?

[18:05] Evolution of Ad Fraud – The beginning of Ad fraud and its current status.

[23:54] Roles & Relationships – Finances of Publishing, roles of advertisers, and publishers.

[29:06] Quantity Vs. Quality – How the digital advertising industry reacted to ad fraud over the years, to improve the quality of ad results.

[37:06] Working With Agencies – What to expect when you’re working with an anti-fraud agency.

[41:39] Detecting Fraud – Using Google analytics and referring URL’s to track marketing campaigns.

[48:37] Financial Implications – How ad fraud can affect the financial aspect of businesses and publishers.

[54:06] Keeping the Balance – Manny shares some valuable points that will help you make the best of your digital marketing strategy.

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