E41 – Dennis Cogbill’s Perspective on COVID’s Impact on Multifamily Events

Dennis Cogbill, from Joshua Tree Conference Group, gets on the mic to school the DIgible Dudes on how COVID has impacted Multifamily events, and the lasting impact. Dennis Cogbill is the managing director at Joshua Tree conference group. The Joshua Tree conference group produces some of the largest conferences in the US in the multi-family industry.

We start by discussing the impact of COVID-19 on conferences hosted across the US. Dennis talks about how conferences such as AME and Mtech have been canceled or postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

We then go to chat on what people hope to gain by coming to conferences, whether they come for just the content or more to socialize with others within their industries.

Next, we talk about the potential future of conferences post-COVID-19. We chat on whether conferences will be in person, online, or a mix of the two and technology adjustments when moving forward after COVID. Further, we chat on pre-planning and monetization when hosting a conference. Dennis also talks to us about techniques that he uses for monetization.

Afterward, we discuss webinars, the benefits, and it’s disadvantages compared to in-person conferences. We chat about some of the great content you can listen to through webinars nowadays when compared with before COVID.

At the end of this episode, we talk about what it might be like attending a conference post-COVID. We chat on the potential of contacting COVID, Whether there would be heavy health precautionary measures or whether things will continue as usual.

[3:15] The impact of COVID-19 – Cancellation and postponing of events and conferences across the US

[11:44] Virtual Platforms Vs. In-person conferences – What’s better and why. David and Reid’s Webinar

[13:03] Virtual Events – Planning a large, successful conference

[17:00] Event Planning – Pre-planning and selecting speakers for a conference

[20:48] Monetization – Monetizing virtual events and webinars

[25:23] Conferences post COVID-19 – Adjustments and alterations to schedules.

[32:54] Monetization – Monetizing conferences through sponsors and charged content

[37:48] Recent Events – The impact of COVID-19, riots, and recessions on the lives of US citizens.

[42:03] Event Planning – Planning a conference during COVID-19

[50:18] Final thoughts – Questions and Hot takes with Dennis

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