E40 – 2020 Apartment Events Were Cancelled, What’s the Impact?

2020 Apartment Events Were Cancelled, What’s the Impact?

Welcome back to the Digible Dudes Podcast. In today’s episode, David and Reid come together to talk about the Impact of COVID-19 in the industry. They start by talking about COVID-19’s impact on events such as the cancellation of apartment events across the US.

They go on to chat about AI, data management, and the lawsuits that have recently come up with regard to data mismanagement and data privacy, and how it will affect the housing industry and their digital marketing strategies. They also discuss the fair housing lawsuits that have been filed after the HUD compliant on Facebook.

Afterward, they chat on analytics companies over the years and how data management has changed with the development of tools such as Google Cloud, which eventually resulted in many well-known data analytics firms going under.

Finally, they chat about additional revenue streams for apartment complexes. They discuss how to maximize the cost per square foot of an apartment from both long term and short term residents. Reid and David, in the end, dive into some ideas, such as retail referral programs as a method for raising additional revenue.

[2:47] Impact of COVID-19 – Cancellation of events in the US and across the world.

[7:14] Data Management – Data mismanagement, data privacy, and lawsuits.

[8:39] Regulations and restrictions – Impact of data privacy lawsuits on digital marketing in the housing industry.

[20:04] Data analytics over the years – The development of technology, Mergers, and acquisitions.

[16:34] Lawsuits and legislation – laws in fair housing and potential laws and regulations for data privacy within individual states.

[27:05] Apartment marketing – Additional revenue streams for apartment complexes.

[32:34] Final thoughts – A brief chat on upcoming episodes and guests on the show.

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