E35 – Spotify for Apartment Marketing

Welcome back to the Digible Dudes podcast. Today’s episode is all about Spotify. We have a special guest today. Jenny Haacker, a paid media strategist at Digible, joins us to talk about using Spotify’s paid advertising platform for apartment marketing. Over the last few months, Jenny has been running more than a dozen successful Spotify campaigns, and she’s here today to share her knowledge and experience about using programmatic audio for apartment marketing.

Programmatic audio is the art of using modern technology to automate the insertion of audio advertisements in digital audio content such as music streaming services, podcasts, audiobooks, etc. As of now, several big players in the audio content business have implemented programmatic audio ad features. Spotify launched its programmatic audio ads platform and has been continuously growing since then. In today’s episode, Jenny shares what she has learned through her experiments with Spotify ads.

We start the episode with a fun story from Reid about a sourdough recipe from his wife, Miranda. Then Reid dives into the conversation explaining what programmatic audio adds are and the way it works. Jenny starts sharing her wisdom with a detailed explanation of features and targeting options available on Spotify audio ads.

In the next section, Reid reviews the differences and similarities between programmatic audio ads and conventional radio ads. David & Jenny continues the discussion, explaining what portion of Spotify users you can reach with programmatic audio ads, their effectiveness, and reporting features. They also talk about several metrics you can use to asses the performance of programmatic audio ads such as CTR, CPC, and CPM.

Toward the end of the episode, Jenny talks about the user experience, how the ads are shown in the Spotify app, and a couple features the platform is missing because it’s a relatively new platform. To sum up the session, Reid and Jenny share some best practices on creating ad spots, call-to-actions, and scheduling ads on Spotify.

[07:29] What is Programmatic Audio – A brief introduction to audio ads.

[11:10] Features – Different targeting options available for Spotify ads.

[12:31] Spotify vs. Radio – Differences & similarities between programmatic audio ads and conventional radio ads.

[15:17] The Reach – What portion of Spotify users can you reach with audio ads.

[16:58] KPIs – Ways of measuring the performance of Spotify audio ad campaigns.

[18:23] User Experience – How the ads are shown to users and what it’s missing.

[22:51] Creating Ad Spots – Things to keep in mind when you create an ad spot for Spotify.

[24:50] Call-to-actions – Best practices for adding call-to-actions in ad spots.

[26:17] Scheduling – How to schedule ads for better performance.

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