Digible Snack: Messaging for Display Retargeting – A Case Study

Today we’re back with another Digible Snack episode. Adam Walters, the Director of Paid Media at Digible, and Megan Haase, a Digital Strategy Lead at Digible, join us today to talk about the findings of a case study they conducted on the messaging of retargeting ads.

We kick off the conversation by briefly revisiting what retargeting is, how it works, and how a retargeting ad should be different from a regular ad. In this case study, Megan & Adam monitored numerous parameters related to retargeting performance. We dive into how the retargeting ads increased website visits, improved CTR and positively affected other performance metrics.

In the next section, we talk about the role of the ad copy in a retargeting campaign and why it’s crucial to choose the right words for an ad copy to adapt to the thought process of a potential customer. Wrapping up the episode, Megan and Adam explain the final learnings of the study and how they’ll be applying what they learnt into their marketing strategies at Digible.

[01:08] Retargeting – What retargeting is and the changes between the creative designs used for retargeting versus regular ads.

[03:34] Performing Metrics – Megan dives into the performance differences they saw throughout the experiment in terms of website visits, engagement, CTR, and more.

[05:39] Ad Copy – How the right words in the ad copy can make a huge improvement in your retargeting ads and the psychological background of it.

[08:06] New Strategies – Megan talks about what they learnt throughout this case study and how they’ll be updating their marketing strategies based on the case study.

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