AIM 2021: LCP360

In this final episode of the AIM short series, David & Reid have an insightful conversation with Tom Lisak, SVP of Sales at LCP360, a company that specializes in virtual tours, 3D renderings, and many other innovative solutions that allow the real estate industry to modernize their digital strategies. Throughout the episode, we explore the solutions LCP360 offers to the industry, the integrations they have with multiple platforms, and Tom’s take on future industry trends.

[06:47] Industry Recognition – Starting with the level of reputation and recognition LCP360 has built in the last ten years.

[08:23] VR Technology – Tom shares his thoughts on how virtual reality solutions have evolved since their early days and their implications in the real estate industry.

[10:35] Virtual Tours – How virtual tours can be utilized for property marketing, the pros and cons of virtual tours, and strategies for measuring success and ROI.

[13:20] LCP360 Solutions – Tom shares with us some of the features they offer and some exclusive features they provide by partnering with Google.

[17:00] Asset Management – We explore the features LCP360 provides for managing multiple assets.

[18:20] Business Model – The business model of LCP360 and possibilities of recurring revenue from their solutions.

[21:47] Analytics – Tom dives into the analytics feature they have built and how these features can be used to improve the marketing efforts.

[24:00] Predictions – Tom shares his take on what’s going to change in the next few years in the industry.

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