AIM 2021: BetterBot

Welcome back to the Digible Dudes podcast. In this series of short podcasts, we bring you insights from industry experts that attended the AIM 2021 Conference. In this episode have Trevor Park, Head of Marketing, and Tiffany De Alva, Director of Content Marketing at BetterBot. Throughout the episode, we explore the possibilities of using bots for real estate marketing.
Artificial Intelligence and Bots have been showing up in our daily lives now more than ever. We discuss the experiences with bots we have in our lives and the growth of these types of technologies in the last few years. Answering the plethora of questions that customers have has always been a challenge for chatbots. We talk about Betterbot’s plans to expand the range of questions the bots can answer up to 80%.

As the technologies advance, we’ll be able to integrate bots for many elements in the sales funnel. We talk about the possibilities of integrating bots into the sales process for lead nurturing and engaging with customers over social media. Wrapping up the episode, Trevor and Tiffany share their take on the future of bots and related technologies.

[03:14] Getting to Know Betterbot – We start the conversation talking about what Betterbot is and the value proposition it provides to the industry.

[07:50] Answering More Questions – Trevor talks about their goals for bots to be able to answer 80% of the questions they receive and the innovative strategies they’re utilizing to achieve that goal.

[10:32] Property Specific Questions – How Betterbot plans to give bots the ability to answer very specific questions that are unique to an individual apartment community.

[12:41] Lead Nurturing – How bots can be involved in the process of lead nurturing and how it saves time for marketers.

[15:02] Bots for Engagement – Tiffany talks about the possibility of having bots involved in engaging with people on social media and the pros and cons of it.

[18:44] Integrations with CRM – Some of the practical issues related to CRMS that arise with complex consumer behaviors and address these issues.

[23:04] Future of Bots – We talk about what Tiffany and Trevor thinks about what developments we might see in the industry related to bots and Betterbot’s future plans.

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