2019: Year in Review


Before Digible closes the books on 2019, David, Nicole and I wanted to express our deepest gratitude to all our incredible customers, business partners and employees for a phenomenal year.  We also thought it would be a fun excuse to start a quirky tradition at Digible, our poetic recap of the year that was.  Hope you enjoy …


Digible’s Ode to 2019

It started with our ninth hire;
Now five women and four men.
An agency on a wire,
but profitable back then.

Until Fiona went shopping
For data, dev and design.
Cashflow kept dropping;
Reid ordered more wine.

Oh capital where art thou …
Shall we succumb to VC?
Not Digible, not now.
Keep our company free!

Yes, we’ll take more debt;
Thank you very much.
It’s our blood, our sweat;
To hell with your crutch.

We’ll try the SBA;
One million is the ask.
“Are you sure?”, they say.
Yes, now pass the flask!

Next, we marched on AIM;
Our pink storm in tow.
We demo’d our dame;
She stole the whole show.

Then, off to Costa Rica;
The founders are getting wed.
We shouted ¡Pura Vida!,
And danced our way to bed.

Meanwhile the agency grew;
Sweet sixteen by early June.
What a marvelous crew;
Together to the moon.

With summer came NAA;
At least ten thousand, maybe more.
A multifamily melee …
Where every vendor tries to score.

Days later the news broke …
Our loan received the green light!
It was time for a smoke;
The future was feeling bright.

Tomorrow we shall invest-
Sales, legal, data and tech.
We’re aiming for the crest,
Buckle up for the trek.

By Q3 we were twenty;
Requiring two nests, no less.
Customers were plenty;
But damn, so was the stress!

300 customers tall;
And 200 markets wide.
What if we drop the ball;
What if the team is fried?

So, we unwound for a bit;
With an employee golf tourney.
We decompressed hit after hit,
Restoring joy to the journey.

Then, we unleashed DS19 …
Speakers, workshops, food and drink.
We were living our dream …
To make people STOP and THINK.

Next up was Mountain View
For Google’s fast track event.
Learning what’s shiny, what’s new;
And a peek under the tent.

Back to Denver we go,
Good content for the cast.
“Digible Dudes” is the show.
So far, it’s been a blast!

Next stop was Big D,
Another Fiona affair.
Would we flee with glee?
Or, doubt and despair?

Our girl didn’t disappoint-
Not by any stretch!
Optech was her kinda joint,
Just a little pitch and catch.

The winds were behind us,
With December on deck.
No getting off this pink bus.
Onward and upward to Breck.

At last, the company retreat.
A refuge from the grind
Twenty four took a seat
And opened their mind.

When it was all said and done
We left tired, but convicted.
A real company was emerging
Faster than we predicted.

As founders, we thank you!
It’s been a spectacular year.
But we must bid it adieu,
And get our asses back in gear!

Happy 2020, everyone!
Reid, David and Nicole

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