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Multifamily Marketing to Millennials

June 13, 2018

Young professionals (“Yo-Pros”) are constantly on the lookout for their next apartment, but how do you intercept them along their rental path?  The good news is that Yo-Pros (which now includes Gen Z) are rabid digital consumers, which presents a buffet of marketing opportunities to pique their interest.  The bad news is that you probably don’t have the appetite = budget to take an all-you-can-eat approach. Welcome to multifamily marketing, right? The truth is that even if you are faced with time or budget constraints, there are some simple tactics that you can deploy to connect with today’s Yo-Pro.

Focus on the Visual

It’s no secret that millennials (and younger generations at large) love their smartphones. They invest hours on their handheld device every day, and cover incredible ground in the process (socializing, working, shopping, gaming, researching, etc).  Consequently, kick-ass mobile supported creative (think eye-catching photos or video) is becoming essential for today’s apartment marketer.  


Make sure to include a couple of photos within each room for each layout that you offer and any building amenities that they can enjoy with their friends and family. Think about it this way- if a prospect has seen gorgeous photos of your property, and he/or she walks in with positive prejudice (bonus points if you exceed their expectations from the pictures!), you just made the leasing agent’s job a whole lot easier.

Get Some Reviews

Reviews and property management have a bittersweet relationship, but reviews (both good and bad) can really help tell the story of your property and community to prospects online. It’s a direct (and free) way to speak directly to renters, and occasionally turn the haters into lovers.

Make sure not to incentivize (you can get busted), but always ask! You can request reviews using several routes, like adding buttons to your website or social media, sending out postcards, or putting up flyers around the property.  Feel free to take a more creative approach, but make sure to run it by an expert, so that your fun idea stays compliant.

Try giving an iPad to your leasing agents or placing one in your leasing office that has a review survey or brings people directly to Google or Facebook to review your property and share their experience. It can be a great story for other users to read online about a smooth leasing process, seamless move-in, community culture, etc.  

Millennials dig reviews, so why not give the people what they want? It can really be the difference between losing or sealing a deal.


Deets on Hangouts

Spoiler alert . . . Millennials are socially inclined.  Whether they are posting about a new microbrew downtown or discovered the perfect location for their next Instagram pic- they love exploring and sharing new places to take their friends.

Make sure to detail your property’s proximity to different hotspots nearby and around town. Even if you aren’t in the heart of the city or next to the biggest sports arena in the state, list how long it takes to get there if it’s less than a 20 minute drive.  Don’t forget to mention any public transportation like a light rail or bus that can help commuters get around too.

Looking for some inspo to attract some millennials? Drop us some deets.

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