We should start with a quick disclaimer—Manifestus is not a real word (just in case you were questioning yourself).  We are rolling with it, though; because we feel that our company’s public declarations probably rest somewhere between a conventional Manifesto and your token ‘About Us’ page.  Scroll down, and you’ll understand (we hope).

why does Digible exist?

As we see it Digible was born and remains nourished by the stars=alignment, love=passion and circumstance=unforeseen forces.

The Stars
Startups are like new constellations in the sky.  They are always forming; you just have to keep your eyes open and connect the dots.  Digible’s constellation began to coalesce about 2 years ago.  Star by star the company was presenting itself to us- the people, the business case, the vision, the timing, the industry, the knowledge . . . everything aligned.  When that happens, when virtually every sign points in the same direction, it makes life-changing decisions a whole lot easier.  Such was the case for Digible, and we are forever grateful.

"When virtually every sign points in the same direction, it makes life-changing decisions a whole lot easier."


We recognize that love means different things to different people.  For us love represents passion and energy for a common purpose.  It is a big reason why we decided to start Digible, and an even bigger part of what sustains the company.  We love the people that we work with, the clients that we work for, the industry that we work in, and the products that we are building.  But above all we love the journey that we are on, and the memories that we are creating.

Even when the stars align and you got the love, many would-be startups never start.  Unforeseen forces meddle into the picture.  However, life’s curve balls can also serve as catalysts.  Digible’s existence was partly initiated by pure circumstance, which we decided to embrace.  Someday (not sure when) we will reveal more about the unique circumstances that helped form and motivate our company.  It is a compelling storyline, but not everything is fit to print.

Our Mission
Digible’s mission is to serve, simplify and advance the multifamily marketing industry through transformative technology, alternative research and world-class client support.

Translation – Digible wants to blow the industry’s freaking mind (in a good way) so that our marketing peeps can work smarter, faster and happier.

Our Vision

Wrong or right (‘earmuffs’ to prospective investors) our vision for Digible is still forming, or better put- narrowing.  The good news (remove ‘earmuffs’) is that our products and ideas are inspiring the industry and setup to scale.  After all, what is the fun in doing great work if you can only share it with a few people?

Our Values

Let Authenticity Reign

We believe that a company’s culture is best measured by its collective authenticity.  Nothing contaminates an organization faster than artificial relationships or a contrived environment.  At Digible we make it a priority to be genuine with everything we do, but we would be hypocrites if we suggested that it was easy.  It requires courage, vulnerability, discipline, and when all else fails, a few adult beverages.


Remaining curious becomes harder with age.  You stop asking ‘why’ for all sorts of reasons- time, convenience, embarrassment, disinterest, an asshole for a boss, etc.  At Digible we intentionally unlock the toddler.  We ask ‘why’ more than any question.  We believe understanding but also challenging our strategies and decisions as a company is healthy if not vital.  Active curiosity is what makes us learn, innovate and spread our knowledge.

Be The Ball, Danny

Apologies if you (millennials) missed the Caddyshack reference, but ‘Being the Ball’ is about having total focus.  Not just keeping your eye on the ball, but actually be the ball.  For us, that means be the multifamily industry.  Digible has the capacity to support a broader customer base, but we believe in the fruit of absolute commitment.  We have a long way to reach our goals, but rest assured we are locked-in.

manic responsibly

Most people have a negative association with the term ‘manic’, so let us clarify our definition to mean- full of or characterized by wild excitement.  At Digible we celebrate and feed off each other’s manic moments.  We love seeing people so amped about an idea or solution that they can barely contain themselves.  Unleashing that kind of enthusiasm is a big part of why our company exists.  We just ask that our employees ‘manic’ responsibly=legally.

love and happiness

There are no ways left to articulate the importance of love and happiness (even if we are referring to work) in a person’s life.  We would have better luck finding a kickass name for a new digital agency (hope you got that one). Thus, we will plate this value without the garnish, and simply state that Digible wants to foster love and happiness to all its peeps (family, colleague, clients, partners, et al).

In Closing

If you made it this far we thank you for your curiosity.  Whether you leave this page even more curious, totally fulfilled or utterly confused we hope you will reach out and touch us.  We are always happy to talk more about Digible, but we are far more interested in learning about you.  We love discovering new perspectives, exchanging ideas or simply offering our advice.

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