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Digible Summit 2019


Here at Digible, we know data attribution can be challenging for multifamily marketers. We are often getting segmented pieces of the full picture from multiple vendors - learn how to put the puzzle together to make your campaigns more successful. We are thrilled to be hosting our first-ever Digible Summit in Denver! Join us for a full-day of guest speakers, presentations and interactive workshops covering industry trends, new products and ideas, and innovation within the multifamily industry.




This event is invitation-only to multifamily marketers, digital marketing professionals and data-driven individuals.


A data-packed day of guest speakers, Q&A panels, interactive workshops and fun!


Analyze and utilize campaign data to run more successful campaigns and make smarter marketing decisions.



Featured Speakers



Andy Stone

Andy is a partner at Emerson Stone where he leads the design practice. He partners with clients (like us!) through a brand-focused approach and translates those expressions into simple and captivating designs. Andy oversees all strategic and visual aspects of a project, including management of the design team. Andy’s role is crucial to Emerson Stone’s success as he ensures a consistent, compelling and unified brand direction.

Topic: Building Your Brand Online



Dr. Philip Beaver

Dr. Philip Beaver has been at the University of Denver Daniels College of Business since 2010. He served on the Army and Joint staffs at the Pentagon as a Senior Analyst and was an associate professor of applied mathematics at the U.S. Military Academy. He is currently Chief Data Scientist of OGX Consulting, Chief Data Scientist of DocBuddy, Inc., Data Science Advisor to LDGR Capital Management, LLC.

Topic: Machine Learning and AI Overview



Kalpana Sehwani

Kalpana brings over 14 years of digital media experience working with marketers and leaders in the technology space. At Thinknear, she leads the Client Strategy practice, helping brands leverage location driven insights to better understand and reach consumers. Prior to Thinknear, Kalpana held key leadership positions at Disney Media, Fox Interactive Media and Aol, integrating marketers across channels including TV, Offline Events, Online and Social.

Topic: Leveraging Location Data in Multifamily



Lee Regan

Lee Regan from Google has a passion for User Experience (UX). Since 2000, Lee has helped found and start four businesses in the marketing and advertising space. He’s also worked and consulted with many brands including Lockheed Martin, Tempur-Pedia, Qualcomm and the NFL.

Topic: Growing Your Brand in the Age of Assistance







about the venue

The Oxford Hotel


Denver’s Most Historic Hotel

A true reflection of Denver through the ages, The Oxford Hotel has adapted to the change and growth in the city since it’s founding in 1891. Stay and dine at The Urban Farmer on-site, take a short walk to Union Station or head off to numerous restaurants and bars in Denver’s LoDo neighborhood.




Thursday, August 8, 2019 | The Oxford Hotel, Denver, Colorado

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