Retargeting Messaging in Display

Utilizing Retargeting Messaging in Display Ads

How Incorporating Retargeting Messaging Increased Site Visit Rate by 766%

Retargeting Messaging in Display: This test found that incorporating retargeting messaging in your retargeting-specific display ads helps dramatically improve display performance across the board.

Retargeting display ads are served to users who have visited a property’s website at least once before. The messaging used for this audience was “Still Interested?”, and this messaging helped capture the user’s interest and remind them that they have previously visited the apartment’s website. This specific messaging helps drive additional users to the site because the ad feels like it was tailored to that specific user, and this is proven by the 766% increase in site visit rate for ads using retargeting messaging.

Visual Examples


Ads with retargeting messaging versus ads with generic messaging. Data spanning across one account as of December 2020.

Messaging StyleImpressionsSite Visit RateCost Per Site VisitCTRViewability
New Apartments29,398.12%$0.72.07%86.61%
Still Interested?14,3741.04%$0.06.19%86.09%
% Change-51%+766%-91%171%-0.60%


Including retargeting messaging in retargeting-specific display ads drastically improves performance in SVR, Cost per Site Visit and CTR. Needless to say, retargeting messaging in retargeting display ads is the ideal strategy for accounts looking to increase their site visits at a more efficient cost.

Main Takeaways

  1. Reach

Site Visit Rate and CTR both increased significantly when we implemented retargeting messaging which tells us that this strategy is an excellent way to get more users to return to your site. 

2. Efficiency

Cost per Site Visit decreased significantly when we implemented retargeting messaging which shows us that we are able to drive more users to site at a more efficient cost.

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