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At Digible, we love to experiment. So, naturally, our paid media team dove into the Google Ads experiment tool, a tool that splits each retargeting campaign budget in half. The only variable for the experiment campaign was that the retargeting audience was 180 days instead of 90 days. Based on our research of 9 luxury properties in the Southeast Region of the United States with an average budget of $334 for the duration of February 4 – April 5, 2023, here’s what we discovered:

1) 180 Days pulls in a higher Site Visit Rate (SVR) than a 90-day audience for your campaigns

2) 180 Days audience grows faster than the retargeting audience for new launches

Our Findings

Based on our test for 9 properties from 2/23-4/23

Main Takeaways

  1. 180 Retargeting Audience had a Higher SVR than 90 Days

Site Visit Rate is a vital metric for display and poses challenges for opportunities to help boost SVR, given little control over variables and creativity.

We Suggest: If you are looking for an optimization for SVR, try adding a larger retargeting audience to your campaign.

  1. A Higher Budget Outperformed

Properties with higher budgets would benefit from this optimization of 180 Days as this audience outperformed significantly.

We Suggest: A higher budget, which is a great opportunity for lease-up properties that would yield optimal results and performance.

3. A Larger Retargeting Audience Does Not Help Grow Retargeting Faster for New Launches

Retargeting audiences can be slow-burn for new launches, however, the test proved that the campaign did not build faster with a larger audience pool.

We Suggest: Bigger, faster doesn’t always equal optimal.


The 180 Day Retargeting audience outperformed the 90 Day Retargeting Audience almost every time, with the exception of impressions and cost. Questions about retargeting? Drop us a line at [email protected]

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