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AIM 2021: Apartment Geofencing

November 9, 2021

Geofencing is one of the newly emerged technologies that allow marketers to utilize location data to carry out marketing with increased precision. However, some businesses in the real estate industry seem to be reluctant to utilize geofencing due to concerns about complying with fair housing regulations. At AIM 2021, David and Reid conducted a short interview with an expert on this topic. Matthew Kilmurry, CEO of Apartment Geofencing joins us to talk about how apartment marketing can benefit from geofencing.

We start the conversation with a brief review of Matthew’s background in the agency world, the story behind his company, and what it offers to the market. Talking about the technology, Matthew shares with us how his company is able to provide geofencing while being compliant with fair housing and privacy regulations. We also talk about integrations with multiple platforms, how attribution works when it comes to integrations, and Matthew’s take on being in a niche market. Wrapping up the interview, Matthew shares some of the interesting sessions he attended at AIM 2021.

[03:06] Matthew’s Background and Apartment Geofencing – Matthew shares with us the story of starting ApartmentGeofencing.com, his experience before that, and what his company offers to the apartment marketing industry.

[05:50] Methodology – We dive into the strategies Matthew’s company uses to provide geofencing abilities to marketers while maintaining compliance with fair housing and privacy regulations.

[10:25] Niche Markets – Matthew shares his take on the experience of working in a niche market as a company and the challenges associated with it.

[12:44] Integrations and Attribution – We dive into some of the tactics and strategies for utilizing integrations between multiple technologies and platforms and ways to attribute and track the success of these integrations.

[16:50] Matthew’s AIM Experience – Matthew talks about some of the interesting things he experienced at the AIM conference.
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