E32 – The Importance of Branding for Apartment Marketing

Today we have a special guest, Brenda Studt, from Excelsior Creative. Excelsior Creative is a branding and marketing agency real estate and related businesses. Brenda has been at Excelsior for eight years. In today’s episode, Brenda shares her wisdom on the importance of branding for apartment marketing.

Brenda starts the discussion with her eight-year journey with Excelsior Group and Excelsior Creative. Excelsior Group has been in the industry for around 15 years, and in its early days, Excelsior focused on its investment real estate group. Since then, Excelsior has come a long way, and Brenda’s group, Excelsior Creative, has been functioning as an in-house agency for the last three years. Brenda shares the story of this transition and the unique way they operate.

In the next section, Brenda shared the journey of building her team and how their billing pattern evolved from project basis to time tracking. Being affiliated with the Excelsior Group, Brenda’s group, Excelsior Creative, has a strong base of built-in clients. Brenda explains how they make use of different opportunities available via this network. She also shares what the company culture is like and what its core values are.

Moving into today’s main area of focus, Brenda talks about her approach to branding. She shared the story of Rafter and how its name was chosen to match the neighborhood. Brenda describes in detail how you can use different types of tools, such as videos and printed sales tools, to create a better consumer experience.

In the next section, Brenda talks about rebranding. She shares her take on what kind of situations can benefit more from rebranding. Toward the end of the episode, Brenda shares more valuable ideas from her experience on the easiest ways to make a significant impact, helpful tips for decision making around rebranding, growing demand for your properties, and many more.

[02:21] Brenda’s Story – Brenda’s background and her role at Excelsior Creative.

[07:06] Building a Team – How Brenda developed her marketing team and how they collaborate with different sections of Excelsior Group.

[14:42] Brenda’s Approach to Branding – Brenda talks about how she approaches branding for long term projects.

[21:18] Owner Goals & Budgeting – How Brenda aligns her branding process with owner goals to maintain a better ROI.

[26:00] rebranding – What kind of situations can benefit more from rebranding and what to do when you’re inheriting a brand.

[31:49] Quick Wins – The easiest thing you can do to make the biggest impact.

[37:34] Rebranding Decision Making – What you should consider when making decisions about rebranding properties.

[41:31] Growing Demand – How to grow demand for properties and build a better consumer experience.



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