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Rachel Jackson

Rachel brings 8 years of Local SEO experience, and 6 months (and counting!) of multifamily-specific industry experience. Her previous experience included account management, website support, and social media marketing.

Before working in multifamily, Rachel had 7 years of experience working in Local SEO for home service companies. This high-paced, results-focused role helped her hone her skills with Google Business Profile, specialized content designed to educate and inform, and meta optimizations to help move the needle quickly and get rankings up for clients. Rachel is passionate about the world of ChatGPT and the future of AI. As it takes our industry and our lives by storm, she wants to be right there at the front line, utilizing this powerful tool to make better websites, smarter data-backed SEO decisions, and unique tools to help set our work apart from competitors in the industry.

Rachel is the proud recipient of the 2023 Digible Halloween Costume Competition winner (we take Halloween seriously and love a good celebration here at Digible)

Rachel obtained her Bachelor of Arts in communication with a minor in business from Western Michigan University.

Outside of work Rachel is either out on a scenic hike around Denver with her pup Teddy, starting and then almost finishing various watercolor or acrylic art pieces, playing the piano, or at a table playing DnD with her friends.

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