The Digible Dudes EP169: Transforming Multifamily Housing through Organizational Engineering | Jessica Fern-Kirkland

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Welcome to episode #169 of the Digible Dudes Podcast, where we dive deep into the world of multifamily housing through the lens of organizational innovation and technology.

In this episode, David and Reid sit down with Jessica Fern-Kirkland, a pioneer in the multifamily industry who has coined the term “organizational engineer.” We navigate through Jessica’s journey in the multifamily space, from her entry into property management to her rise as an industry influencer passionate about providing quality housing.

Jessica sheds light on her philosophy of organizational engineering, emphasizing the importance of adaptability, employee empowerment, and the integration of technology to revolutionize multifamily operations.

Jessica offers invaluable insights into the future of multifamily housing, discussing how embracing change, focusing on people-centric strategies, and leveraging technology can drive the industry forward.

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(00:00) Preview and Intro

(03:55) Importance of Housing and Socioeconomic Growth

(10:31) Multifamily vs. Other Industries: Finding Passion in Housing(12:03) Navigating Change and Fostering Authenticity

(17:51) Challenges with Technology and Training in Multifamily

(23:44 Multifamily Organizational Structure Change

(28:42) Challenges of Centralizing Property Management

(33:53) Technology and Data Integration in Property Management

(38:21) Strategic Technology Implementation in Management

(45:20) Final Thoughts

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