The Digible Dudes 176: Multifamily’s EV Charging Gold Rush – Revolutionizing Multifamily Properties with Xeal’s Eric Roseman

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In this episode, Eric Roseman, Chief Revenue Officer at Xeal, delves into the groundbreaking world of EV charging for multifamily properties.

From the inception of Xeal  as a technology-first EV charging company to its innovative solutions that remove the friction of going green, Eric offers a deep dive into how integrating smart EV chargers streamlines operations from installation to daily use. 

Join us as we explore the strategic shifts and technological advancements propelling the EV charging industry into the future, specifically within multifamily living.

Key Highlights & Takeaways:

– Revolutionizing EV Charging: Learn about Xeal’s journey from a startup to a leader in EV charging technology, providing seamless and reliable solutions for multifamily buildings.

– Smart and Effortless Charging: Discover how Xeal’s unique technology eliminates the need for central internet connections, ensuring consistent and user-friendly charging experiences.

– Challenges of EV Charging and Solutions: Eric discusses the main obstacles in EV charging infrastructure and how Xeal’s innovative approach addresses these issues, particularly in shared environments like apartment complexes.

– Future of Multifamily EV Charging: Insights into the expanding landscape of EV adoption and the critical role of advanced, hassle-free charging solutions in multifamily properties.

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(00:00) Introduction and Guest Introduction

(01:23) Xeal’s Mission and Approach

(02:17) Challenges with Current EV Chargers

(06:10) How Xeal’s Chargers Work

(08:06) Market Overview and Growth Potential

(14:49) Challenges and Objections in Adoption

(19:37) Community Building and Branding

(24:47) Switch Costs and Customer Retention

(25:51) Future of EV Charging and Infrastructure

(41:22) Building Community Among EV Drivers

(45:25) Sales Strategy and Market Penetration

(48:17) Student Housing and Early Adoption

(52:23) Hot Takes on the EV Market

(58:47) Final Thoughts

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