The Digible Dudes 175: EP175: How LeaseLeads is Transforming Multifamily Leasing | Dave Freund

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In this episode, Dave Freund, Co-Founder of LeaseLeads, takes us on a journey through the innovative landscape of AI-driven multifamily marketing.

From the early days of meeting his co-founder on Upwork to the creation of LeaseLeads, Dave shares how they revolutionized leasing with cutting-edge technology. 

Dive deep into the development of their video-powered virtual leasing agent and explore how AI and video are transforming the leasing experience. Join us as we uncover the challenges, successes, and future prospects of integrating AI in property management.

Key Highlights & Takeaways:

  • Pioneering Virtual Leasing: Discover how LeaseLeads developed a video-powered virtual leasing agent during the COVID-19 pandemic to emulate in-person experiences.
  • AI Integration: Learn about the role of AI in enhancing leasing processes and how it competes with traditional chatbots.
  • Humanizing Technology: Understand the importance of maintaining a human touch in leasing through personalized video tours and interactive experiences.
  • Industry Trends: Insights into the current and future trends in multifamily marketing, including the impact of Google and AI on traditional websites.
  • Product Development: Explore how LeaseLeads balances customer feedback with innovative features to stay ahead in the market.

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(00:00) Preview and Introduction

(01:40) LeaseLeads Overview: Products and Services

(02:31) Adding Human Touch in Virtual Leasing

(04:14) Video Integration and Production Process

(06:46) Challenges in Virtual Tours and AI Implementation

(10:45) Competing with Chatbots and Other Leasing Technologies

(18:39) Impact of AI and Future Trends in Leasing Industry

(24:23) Hot Takes on 3D Tours and Industry Innovations

(36:47) Conclusion and How to Contact LeaseLeads

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