EP94: One Step at a Time: Fiona Forward’s Footprint in the Denver Community

Fiona Forward is an employee community volunteer and engagement initiative led by Digible. From its inception in 2018 and throughout its tenure, the program has contributed to improving the greater Denver community in numerous ways. In today’s episode, we’re having a conversation with Abby Glaessner, Senior Paid Media Strategist at Digible, who spearheads the Fiona Forward initiative. Throughout the episode, we dive into the idea, inspiration, and impact of Fiona Forward, and the future vision of Fiona Forward.

Abby shares her thoughts on the vision of Fiona Forward, the impact in the Denver community, and why it’s a valuable part of the Digible culture. Reid weighs in with his memories of the inception of the program and the story behind the name. We give a little sneak peek of Fiona Forward throughout the year and what’s in store for 2022.

2021 was a year of great success for Fiona Forward. Abby dives deep into some of the volunteer work that was carried out under the initiative. Last year, Fiona Forward had the opportunity to partner with Food for Thought Denver, an organization that focuses on eliminating weekend hunger for children in the Denver Metro Area. Abby gets into the details of how that partnership went and the impact it made on the local community.

Initiatives like this are mutually beneficial to the local communities as well as the businesses themselves. On the one hand, these programs contribute to improving the quality of life in the local communities. On the other hand, these programs help businesses build a better culture, improve their reputation and connect better with the greater community.

[03:08] Getting to Know Fiona Forward – What Fiona Forward is why it’s important to Digible, the impact on the local community, and the story behind the name of the program.

[06:30] Inspiration – Reid reflects on the inspiration for the idea behind Fiona Forward.

[10:36] 2022 Plans – Abby shares 2022 plans for Fiona Forward and what the priorities and goals will be in this year.

[15:41] Volunteering – Abby gets into the details of some of the volunteer work they’ve been doing under the Fiona Forward initiative.

[19:18] Food for Thought – We dive into the work the Digible team has been doing with the volunteer organization, Food for Thought Denver.

[24:00] Future Vision – Reid shares his thoughts on the future vision for Fiona Forward as well as some of the new areas Fiona Forward could expand into.

[30:00] Helping Crisis Situations – We dive into how the contributions of volunteers and donations could immensely help communities recovers from crises, such as natural disasters.

[34:45] Benefits for Companies – Reid shares his take on potential benefits that businesses could get from creating a volunteer initiative.

[40:58] New Generations – We dive into how new generations are becoming increasingly more interested in volunteer work and how businesses can develop a better culture that appeals to newer generations with volunteer initiatives.

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