EP90: Digible’s 2022 Predictions: What’s in Store for the Multifamily Housing Industry

2021 has been a year of tremendous growth for Digible and we’re getting ready for more in the coming year. In this episode of the Digible Dudes podcast, David & Reid talk about their predictions for the next year. Throughout the episode, we explore how the industry evolved compared to predictions for 2020, predictions for new technologies, the possibility of companies in the real estate industry going public, and some of the industry trends expected to continue gaining popularity.

We start the discussion with a comparison of predictions. David & Reid share what they predicted for the year 2020 and the predictions that they did and didn’t get right. One of the interesting parts of that was the behavior of the commercial real estate market and the event that influenced the market, including the pandemic and its ripple effects.

Moving on to technology, we dive deep into the usage of paid search and SEO in the real estate market. David & Reid share their thoughts on why paid search and SEO will gain more traction in the next year. We also talk about co-op email campaigns, which enable brands with similar goals to team up in their marketing efforts.

One of the major buzzwords we’ve been hearing over the last couple of years is artificial intelligence. And like many other industries, AI is making its way into the real estate market, empowering new tools and technologies based on AIs. Reid and David share their thoughts on how AIs will power some of the emerging new technologies and what gives them the potential to be a big thing in the coming year. Wrapping up the episode, we talk about some of the companies that grew rapidly in the real estate space and the possibilities of them becoming publicly traded companies.

[02:00] Last Year Predictions – We start the discussion by comparing 2021 predictions and what actually happened.

[05:09] Commercial Real Estate – How the pricing of commercial real estate behaved pre and post pandemic compares to the predictions we had for 2021.

[07:15] Search & SEO – Reid shares his thoughts on how paid search and SEO has been a trending topic in the industry in the last year and why that trend is going to continue.

[10:00] Artificial Intelligence – How AI is going to be powering more parts of the industry in the next year and what businesses need to consider when utilizing AI-based tools.

[12:45] Co-op Email Campaigns – Why teaming up with brands with similar goals is going to be a smart idea for the next year.

[17:30] NLG & NLP – How Natural Language Generation and Natural Language Processing can be used to make marketing more efficient.

[21:21] Single Family Rentals – Reid shares his thoughts on how the single-family rentals market grew rapidly in 2021 and why it’s going to keep growing.

[25:00] Self-guided Tours – Reid explains the reasons behind his prediction that self-guided tours will grow in popularity in the next year.

[28:00] Future of ILS – David shares his take on how internet listing services may evolve in the next year.

[32:00] Going Public – Why the next year is a good time for some of the big companies in the real estate market to go public.

[38:06] Entrata – David shares his thoughts on the performance of Entrata this year and how they will grow during the next year.

Do you have any bold predictions for the multifamily housing industry for 2022? Drop us a line at [email protected]

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