EP89: Single Family Rentals On the Rise

Today on the podcast, we have the Digible Dudettes. Nicole Staley, Co-Founder & VP of Client Services at Digible, and Isobel Parish, Client Services Manager at Digible are here to share the key takeaways from a session on opportunities and risks in a single-family rental market they attended at OpTech.

Throughout the episode, Nicole and Isobel cover the latest insights about single-family rentals, including new trends in the single-family space, challenging aspects of operating single-family rentals, and marketing strategies for adapting to new developments in the single-family rentals space.

[01:17] New Terms & Definitions – Nicole and Isobel share their thoughts on the new terms and definitions from the session that is unique to the single-family rentals market.

[03:47] Single-family vs. Apartments – Key aspects that set the single-family market apart from apartments.

[04:49] Smart Tech – How smart technologies are coming into the single-family market, and the pros and cons of having smart tech in single-family properties.
[06:44] Maintenance – How the maintenance aspect of single-family is different than apartments and some ways of making maintenance more efficient.

[09:25] Challenges – Challenges that single-family operators have to face and possible solutions for them.

[12:29] Strategies – Important concept for creating marketing strategies for the single-family space.

[16:24] New Generations – What Millenials and Gen-Z apartment seekers are looking for in their new home and what marketers need to keep in mind about reaching the new generations.

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