EP88: Living in the Past? It’s a Generation to Care About Your Online Reputation ft. Opiniion

Building a credible online reputation is an essential component of every industry, especially multifamily. Regularly generating positive reviews is one of the key ingredients of a successful plan to build a reputation. Our guest today is a Co-Founder of a company focusing on helping businesses generate reviews. Alex Bennett, the Chief Revenue Officer of Opiniion Inc, joins us today to discuss what apartments owners and operators should keep in mind about building reputation and generating reviews.

Opiinion was founded in 2017 with Alex and a few other co-founders who were in different industries, from property management to medical offices. Focusing on these key industries gives Opiniion the ability to implement specialized features to match the unique requirements of these industries that generic review systems do not offer. Throughout the episode, we cover how Opiniion is creating this unique value proposition and learn about how property owners can improve their reputations.

We hear about the inception of Opiniion and Alex’s career journey leading up to the start of Opiniion. One of the key concepts we touch on is the value of proactive measures and how it contributes to the growth of reputation more than reactive measures. Talking about the solutions Opiniion offers, we dive into some of the special features Opiniion offers specifically for the property management industry. We wrap up the session with Alex’s thoughts on what the future of reviews might look like.
Continuing with a tarnished reputation from previous ownership or management can be a frustration for new owners of a property. Alex shares his wisdom on strategies new owners can utilize to build a reputation over time. One of the ways Opiniion has made life easier for consumers is by making the review process easier. We dive into how this happens and the features Opiniion has implemented in order to achieve that. We also talk about how people behave in negative experiences, how keywords in the reviews affect the reputation and opinions of consumers who refer to the reviews.

[09:59] Opiniion We start the discussion by taking a look at Alex’s background, how Opiniion was started, what it offers to the multifamily industry, and problems they strive to solve.

[16:32] Reactive vs. Proactive Measures Alex shares his wisdom on why proactive measures contribute to getting positive reviews and a good reputation more than reactive measures.

[25:01] Features for Property Management Alex shares with us some of the unique features Opiniion had to implement in order to serve the property management industry and how they solved those problems.

[29:00] Reputation & Ownership When a property’s ownership changes, their online reputation remains from previous management. This is an issue that new property owners frequently face. Alex shares his thoughts on how new property owners can improve their reputation.

[37:47] Resident’s Journey – Alex shares his thoughts on how a consumer approaches researching apartments and what marketers can learn from consumer behaviors to improve their marketing efforts.

[43:44] Keyword Research The role keywords play in reputation building for property management and some of the key findings of Opiniion’s work related to keywords.

[48:38] Internal Feedback Alex shares his take on private feedback in an internal system and how it relates to the public feedback the potential residents see on websites.

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