EP87: Dwellsy: Trusted Apartment Listings & Relevant Results

Welcome back to another episode of the Digible Dudes podcast. We always keep in touch with the new innovations that happen in the real estate industry and bring you info about the latest developments. In today’s episode, Jonas Bordo, co-founder and CEO at Dwellsy joins us to talk about platforms that focus on creating a quality experience for renters as well as property owners and the innovative solutions they offer to the multifamily housing market.

Throughout his career, Jonas has gathered tons of experience in several roles related to property management business and that experience came in handy for the beginning of Dwellsy. Founded in 2019, Dwellsy grew to become a very successful platform with their unique value propositions of providing quality and relevant results to their users. We start today’s conversation with a brief overview of Jonas’s background and how Dwellsy was started.

Dwellsy has a few unique aspects that clearly makes it stand out from platforms. We dive into how Dwellsy is different from a traditional internet listing services, current issues and available solutions that Dwellsy is tackling, along with Dwellsy’s unique value proposition. We also talk about how Dwellsy continues to be a free platform while making profit through additional services they provide to property owners.

One of the areas Dwellsy is heavily improving is the quality of leads. We talk about why the quality of leads matters, what measures Dwellsy has implemented to improve the quality of leads and the results they’ve been seeing. We also talk about some of the strategies they are using to mitigate fraud on their platform. Wrapping up the episode, Jonas shares some memories and lessons learned from his journey of building Dwellsy.

[06:00] Jonas’s Background and Dwellsy – We start the conversation by diving into Jonas’s background in real estate, how Dwellsy started and what problems they solve for property owners and renters.

[11:00] Numbers for Multifamily Market – Jonas breaks down some numbers of multifamily properties listed in ILS platforms and the level of scaling Dwellsy has achieved.

[16:00] Dwellsy’s Business Model – We talk about the unique value proposition of Dwellsy and how they make money through the platform with the optional services they’re offering.

[21:05] Competitors – Why Dwellsy is different from its competitors and current industry issues Dwellsy is addressing.

[31:29] Syndication – Dwellsy is not syndicating their listings on any other platforms. Jonas shares his thoughts on the reasons behind this decision and how it relates to their business model.

[38:00] Quality of Leads – Why Dwellsy is focusing more on improving the quality of leads for property owners via Dwellsy.

[51:00] Demographics – Jonas shares his thoughts on the demographics of renters in the market and how that information is used in their marketing strategy.

[1:01:32] Combating Fraud – Jonas dives into what strategies they’re using at Dwellsy to mitigate fraud and make their platform a safe place for users.

[1:07:59] Startup Life – Jonas shares what it was like to start and build a business no one has done before and the valuable lessons he learned on his journey.

[1:13:54] Renter Experience – We look at how property listings could be updated to create a better experience for the renter by using tactics such as combining listings for rentals with other content that helps people make decisions about where to live.


Check out Dwellsy: dwellsy.com

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