EP81: Case Study – Increase PPC Conversions 32% With a Multi-Platform Marketing Approach

Welcome back to the Digible Dudes podcast. This week, we’re back with some fascinating findings of another case study conducted at Digible. It’s a widely accepted concept that a multi-platform approach can significantly improve conversions and ROI. However, the Digible team wanted to get some solid numbers to measure this impact. So the team conducted a study using more than 500 properties. David Staley, Reid Wicoff, Adam Walters, and Nicole Staley are in the studio today to talk about how a multi-platform marketing approach can improve ROI in real estate marketing.

We start the conversation with what influenced the team to conduct this case study and what they hoped to find out from it. Adam shares some of the most important results of the study and performance metrics that demonstrated how big of an impact a multi-platform approach can generate. Here are some if the things found in the study:

· In properties that ran SEO along with Paid search, their paid search conversion rates increased by 32.09%, and website conversion rates in Google Analytics increased by 371.42%.

· By adding a Display campaign to paid search and social efforts, Total Media Cost Per Website Lead in Google Analytics decreased by 75.79%, and Website Conversion Rates in Google Analytics increased by 158.09%.

In the next part of the episode, we talk about how the industry typically behaves. Nicole shares some of the reasons why many marketers typically start with a search campaign, add more platforms but, at some point, and the role attribution plays in this. Another area we focus on today is programmatic advertising. We talk about how it works and the performance metrics that show its impact.

It’s important for a savvy marketer to know when to go for a multi-platform approach. Reid shares his thoughts on what to consider when deciding that. Towards the end of the episode, we explore How reputation, reviews, and ratings make an impact on the decision-making process of potential customers, ultimately impacting the conversions.

[01:42] Background – Nicole shares the motive behind this case study and the questions they were trying to answer with this case study.

[03:23] Findings – Adam shares the key findings of the study related to performance metrics and behaviors of website visitors.

[06:30] SEO – Reid shares his thoughts on how SEO optimizations on a website can dramatically affect the performance of conversions.

[10:16] Industry Behavior – Nicole talks about why many clients typically start their campaigns with search campaigns, later add more platforms, and eventually defaults to search.

[11:36] Programmatic Advertising – David and Nicole talk about programmatic advertising and how the numbers stack up in terms of performance and cost savings by utilizing programmatic advertising.

[16:31] When to Switch – Reid talks about some of the things marketers should consider when deciding whether taking a multi-platform approach is the right choice.

[20:19] Working with Clients – Nicole shares her thoughts on how they’re collaborating with clients to get started on multi-platform marketing approaches.

[24:48] What’s Next – David talks about some of the studies his team has been doing and what questions their research may answer in the future.

[27:29] Reputation – Reid and David talk about how reputation and ratings come into play when it comes to conversions and building trust about the brand.


The Impacts of a Multi-Platform Marketing Approach:

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