EP69: Industry Partnerships and how Digible is Approaching Them

Welcome back to the Digible Dudes podcast. We are here with another interesting episode dedicated to industry partnerships. Stay tuned until the end of the episode where David and Reid talk about how Digible is going to approach them.

Entering the conversation, Reid shares his thoughts on SEMRush as a data provider to Fiona saying the whole process surprises him and then they discuss some statistics about SEMRush in the past and the present.

Next, Reid shares the reason for having partnerships in Digible, saying that they were not focused on partnerships in the past as a company, but now it’s time to start partnerships with other awesome companies out there.

Then, David shares his attitude about having partnerships with other people and what motivates him to have official partnership conversations with people.

Further down to the conversation, David and Reid share their attitudes about the categories of partnerships saying specifically that they have to figure out what’s the connection between the real partnership versus being friendly with the partners.

In the next part of the conversation, Reid talks about the principles of partnerships saying that having partnerships is not just about business, but the core values in them because they have to be careful about the people with who they are dealing.

Then, David shares his attitude about selecting a company to have a partnership with core values, saying that it’s better to examine how that company maintains their core values not only the business because the well-being of the working people is important as much as the partnerships.

Wrapping up the conversation, David shares that what they mostly look in a company to understand the different concepts of them hoping that they would do the same for them.

[00.51] SEMRush Move – What are SEMRush and their growth in expanding their position internationally on paying customers since 2010.

[11.54] Partnerships for Digible – The reason why they didn’t focus on having partnerships in the past and the reason why they are hoping to have partnerships now.

[14.4] Relationship with other people – The relationship they had with people at the very beginning of Digible and the reasons why they like to have professional partnerships with people out there.

[21.35] Classification of Partnerships – The types of partnerships, and how they differ from each other.

[03.03] Principle’s of Partnerships- The core values of partnerships and how to deal with the people you are working.

[07.52] Core Values – The importance of having core values of the partnership company and how it connects with the working people.

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