EP62 – RentPath Stays Solo & if Digible Built an ILS

We’re back with another exciting episode of the Digible Dudes podcast. In today’s episode, David and Reid are talking about their thoughts on the recent news around RentPath and what it would look like if Digible built an Internet Listing Service.

Starting the conversation, Reid shares his thoughts on how newly started administration may work on anti-trust policies and how they might be looking at the business practices of large tech companies. Moving on to the next topic, David and Reid share their thoughts on the deal for the acquisition of CoStar Group by RentPath and how the deal was canceled after the Federal Trade Commission sued to block the sale. Diving deep into the situation with RentPath, David reviews some of the statistics of the stock prices and performance of the two companies and their platforms.

The next area we focus on in this episode is Internet Listing services. Getting into that conversation, David and Reid share their attitudes on how each of them would work on building an ILS for the way that they want it to be in terms of strategies, features, and means of marketing.

In the next section, Reid talks about the idea of joining forces of locators with ILS platforms and how it may be able to provide better features and use experience for the users. Moving on to the newest of the technologies, Reid and David share their thoughts on cross-platform integrations of ILS systems with artificial intelligence-based recommendation systems such as the Alexa. Reid further talks about the benefits of using AI-based recommendation systems and the role these AI tools may play in the future business world.

Wrapping up the conversation, Reid & David share their thoughts on several aspects of strategizing, designing, and developing an ISL platform, including appearance, features, user experience, user interfaces, and many more.

[06.14] The Momentum of the new Administration – David & Reid discuss the attitude of the newly appointed administration towards big-tech, anti-trust laws and how tech companies are taking heavy measures on services and organizations for policy violations.

[12.29] RentPath – Rentpath, the owner of quite a few major property listing websites, recently canceled a major acquisition after the FTC sued to block the sale. We discuss how this affects RentPath and how the future of large tech companies is going to be affected by anti-trust policies.

[19.36] Costar Stock – How the stock price of the CoStar Group behaved through the whole ordeal of acquisition by RentPath and what the future might look like.

[22.58] RentPath & CoStar – How RentPath and CoStar performed over the recent months

[29:49] Reid’s Approach to ILS – Reid shares his thoughts on how he might approach building an ILS and what he wants it to be like.

[35.14] David’s Approach to ILS – David shares his take on the key aspects of a good ILS.

[39.17] Locators & ILS Platforms – Reid shares an interesting idea about merging Locators and ILS platforms to enhance the user experience.

[48.08] AI & Interconnected Technologies – Ideas about cross-platform integrations with platforms such as Alexa.

[52.36] User experience in ILS – Reid, and David share their thoughts on several aspects of ILS systems that could be improved to enhance the user experience.

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