EP61 – Ode to 2020

Welcome back to the Digible Dudes podcast. Today we have a bonus episode, where we review the key events of the former year 2020 and what we can learn from the experience of going through one of the most challenging years in the last few decades.

Starting the conversation, Reid reviews the key events that happened in the past year along with what the past year was like for Digible in terms of growth, performance, and expansion. Then David & Reid talks about the experience of going through 2020 and some of the memorable events of the year and how those events affected the country in general as well as the industry.

Wrapping up the conversation, Reid talks about how Digible was able to survive the misfortunes, including COVID 19, and how they stood up strong as always.

[01.58] Recap of 2020 – The key events that happened in the last year, including social, economic, and political events.

[03:12] 2020 for Digible – How Digible grew in the year 2020, what they did to expand the brand, and how they adapted to the new conditions in the markets.

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