EP53 – Current Events – The Election, Google Antitrust, & Apple’s Search Engine

EpiWelcome back to the Digible Dudes podcast. We are back with another episode of David and Reid’s talking about some of the current events, including the US presidential election, Google anti-trust cause, and the Apple search engine release.

Starting the conversation, Reid talks about the impact of politics on the real estate industry, separately analyzing what is going to happen if President Trump gets re-elected or Joe Biden gets elected. Reid further talks about how the election might affect the apartment industry and potential benefits for affordable housing.

In the next part, David and Reid share their thoughts about the technological influence of current politics. They discuss in detail how Facebook and Twitter interacted with the campaigns of the two presidential candidates and how these platforms enforced their community guidelines on the two campaigns.

Further down in the episode, David talks about Google anti-trust lawsuit and how data privacy and anti-trust laws will be updated under a new president. Then, Reid and David share their thoughts about Apple’s search engine, the pros and cons of the new release, and how it may affect users, existing search engines, and the digital marketing arena.

Talking about data privacy, both David and Reid share their take on what you get in return for the personal data that the social media platforms can access from their users. As their fourth topic, David and Reid talk about Microsoft’s bid budget management system and its usage. Wrapping up the conversation, David talks about how the recent trend of anti-trust lawsuits may affect big players in the tech industry, such as Google, Apple, and Facebook.

[05.13] Impact of the Election – How data privacy regulations and fair housing might look like under a newly elected president.

[12.02] Apartment Industry and the Presidential Election – The pros and cons of the presidential election for the apartment industry.

[15.54] Politics and Technology – How the tech companies like Facebook and Twitter interact with the two presidential candidates and how it may have affected the outcome of the election.

[19.17] Google Anti-trust – What is anti-trust, how Google ended up facing lawsuits, and how anti-trust laws and regulations may be shaped under a new president.

[23.11] Apple’s Search Engine – What is the Apple search engine, the features of it, and the competitive nature with other search engines like Google.

[28.48] Privacy Search Engine – What is a privacy search engine, and how effective it could be.

[36.08] Microsoft’s Bid Budget Management System – What is Microsoft’s bid budget management system, and how it works.

[39.24] Data Privacy and Governance – Why you should be mindful of the data you give to tech platforms.

[44.40] Final Thoughts – How the current trend of privacy and anti-trust lawsuits may shape the future of digital marketing.sode 53

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