EP52 – Digible Summit Mastermind – Marketing Tips & Tricks

Welcome back to the Digible Dudes podcast. We are back with another episode related to a mastermind session from the Digible Summit. Our guest today is RayAnn Ortiz. RayAnn is an account manager at Digible. Throughout the episode, we talk about RayAnn’s work on marketing and some valuable tips and tricks you can use in your marketing strategy.

Starting the conversation, RayAnn talks about her previous profession as a marketing influencer, and she shared her most significant success when she worked in Yoga International as a marketing influencer. RayAnn shared her thoughts on key takeaways of marketing tips and tricks around organic and paid social. She talks about the growth characteristics of paid and organic social during the period of COVID.

RayAnn then talks about the process of creating videos that maximize the impact of your marketing efforts. She shares video production tips on how to create videos for different social media platforms in a way that performs better for each platform. In the next part of the episode, RayAnn and David talk about semi-professional influencers in the world. David shares influencers’ statistics in semi-professionals while RayAnn expresses her thoughts on the human touch behind the properties or brands.

Talking about the tips and tricks for budgeting, RayAnn talks about some things you can do to optimize your budgets for paid search. Wrapping up the conversation, RayAnn talks about the interaction of paid social with different property classes.

[02.42] Influencer Marketing – RayAnn shares her experience and the things she learned from her work in the influencer marketing arena.

[09.30] Paid & Organic Social Media – How paid and organic social media performed over the last few months and the current states of paid and organic social.

[10.47] Creating Videos – Tips and tricks for creating videos that grab attention from your target audience.

[12.21] Semi-professional Influencers – The statistics on semi-professional influencers worldwide and why they are successful in what they do.

[15.22] Budgeting & Targeting – How to manage your budgets for paid search and how to optimize your targeting.

[20.24] Interaction of Paid Social and Property Classes – How paid social media interacts with different property classes and how to adjust your marketing strategy to match different property classes.

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