EP51 – Digible Summit Panel – Perspectives on Marketing

Welcome back to the Digital Dudes podcast. Today we’re sharing with you the value-packed discussion we had at the Digible Summit panel with three distinguished guests. Our guests share their wisdom and perspective on numerous aspects of marketing for the real estate industry. Today we’re joined with Joya Pavesi, SVP of Marketing and Strategy for RKW Residential, Darren Williams, President at Portico Property Management, and Chasten Fulbright, Principal at Blanton Turner. The three companies are third-party property management companies.

Getting into the conversation, our guests share their background stories and what their current ventures are at their companies, and how the markets are behaving in their local areas. Cheston talks about the current climate in the property management arena in Seattle. Joya joins the conversation talking about the current state of the two major markets, Charlotte and Miami, followed by Darren’s remarks about how things are going on in Texas.

In the next section, our three guests share their take on companies that brought bis disruptions to the industry and the contributing factors to the success of these innovative businesses. They also talk about the innovative approaches to virtual tours and how virtual tours have evolves over the last few years. Moving on to company culture, our guests talk about how to keep the marketing department and the operation department aligned with the expectations and goals of the business. They also share some approaches they use at their property management firms.

Towards the end of the discussion, we talk about budgeting for marketing. Our guests share their wisdom on creating smarter and flexible budgets that maximize the results. Wrapping up the session, our guests discuss differentiating brands at the property level and how to develop brands, and some things every marketer should know about building a successful brand.

[05.39] The Current State of Property Management – Out guests share what sort of a climate they see in the industry in their areas; Seattle, Texas, Charlotte, and Miami.

[12:33] Disruptors – Chasten talks about companies that brought big disruptions and innovative approaches to the industry.

[15.01] Competition – Darren shares his thought on how to deal with competition in the industry.

[21.00] Software Products – Our guests share their thoughts on the usage and popularity of newly emerging software solutions for the real estate industry.

[24.31] Impact of COVID – How the pandemic affected the industry and how it leads to new innovative marketing approaches for property management.

[31.23] Operations and Marketing – How to keep the marketing team and the operational team aligned towards the company’s goals and expectations.

[41.36] Marketing Budgets – Our guests share how they approach marketing and what you should know about managing your marketing budgets.

[47.49] Establishing Your Brand – How to differentiate your brand at the property level and successfully grow as a brand.

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