EP45: A conversation about Client Experience: How to make the most out of your vendor relationships and the importance of setting expectations.

In today’s episode of the Digible Dudes, we focus on client experience. David and Nicole are here to discuss how you can effectively interact with vendors to build a relationship and make the most out of the connection. We start the discussion by sharing their experiences about brands that have excellent customer experience practices. David mentions how he was impressed by Microsoft with his own experience of a warranty claim for his Microsoft Surface computer. According to David, Microsoft company did help him beyond their policies. Then Nicole talks about Peloton and their impressive way of interacting with them and the great updates they’ve made for their customers.
David talks about his trip to Seattle, where the way property managers and the leasing agents interacted with David made his experience special. Nicole also about her trip to Seattle and how the customer service was outstanding. David shares his thoughts on how some companies don’t really think about the entire customer journey and the importance of giving out of the box solutions for customers.
In the next part of the episode, we shift our focus to product quality. There are a few things every brand should be mindful of when it comes to product quality, such as positioning, packaging, brand, media, and prices. We talk about how all these factors come into play and how you can improve your marketing strategies with these points. Then David shares his thoughts about how to respond to the customers effectively. Next, Nicole dives into the core values of a company that are important for the customer experience: authenticity and curiosity. She shares how a company has to understand what’s important to their clients and what their goals are.
Further down to the episode, we talk about three main things about the client experience; Retention rate, client health, and overall growth. Nicole shares her thoughts on how the way you maintain healthy relationships with your current clients may lead to new opportunities. Toward the end of the episode, they talk about what the future holds for the marketing arena. We talk about how technology and data may affect the future of customer experience and how you can utilize new technology to provide a better experience for your customers.
[01:55] Introduction – What customer experience is and what we’ll be discussing throughout this episode.
[08:00] Companies with Good Customer Experience Practices – David and Nicole share some examples of companies they have seen with excellent customer experience practices.
[19.19] Product Quality- How positioning, packaging, brand, media, and prices affect your customer experience.
[20.09] Responding to Customers – How to respond to your customers effectively and how to optimize your SLAs to improve customer experience.
[35.29] Core Values- Nicole shares her thoughts about the core values that help her team deliver an improved experience to their customers and the importance of having a healthy relationship with your current clients.
[45.58] 3 Things to Pay Attention to – Nicole talks about three essential things that you should be paying attention in order to create a better customer experience: Retention rate, client health, and overall growth.
[54.28] Working With a Team – What Nicole and her team had done to grow as a team.
[1:00:58] What Does the Future Hold – How data and technology will affect the future of marketing and customer experience.

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